Am i the only one NOT having any problem with game's economy ?

I keep seeing posts on a lot of threads mentioning how bad payouts are, how difficult it is to buy expensive cars.
All day, in every topic talking about the economy or VIP.

After 60h in-race i can definitely say that people repeating this over and over are either :
-Players that just started the game, didn’t level up very much, don’t know anything about difficulty level and modcards etc… etc…
-Players in a hurry, wanting to be able to unlock every car the game has to offer after playing 20 X 3 laps races.

Now here are my tips for you, but firstly this : No you won’t be able to buy a 1 500 000 Pagani by playing 30 min, or 500 cars after 20h, and this is, imho, completely normal, otherwise there wouldn’t be any goal to reach after 50h in-game. Forza is meant to last 2 years, so what’s the point if you got everything after 2 weeks ?

So now that it’s said, here is why people thinking you can’t get anything are wrong :

  • Leveling up your car collector tier allows you to get better discount rewards on the driver level-up screen, giving you up to 400 000 CR discount for cars.
    Cars proposed when leveling up your driver are always ones you don’t own, making it the perfect way to buy wheels without even going to the autoshow apart from cars you precisely want.
    Just have a little bit of patience, buying cheap cars at the beginning until you level up to 6-8 to get the -400 000.
    Dont have the money for the car right now ? Sure, just push B and it’ll be saved for later use.

  • Mods and AI difficulty are 80% part of your possible incomes . Stop complaining about getting no payouts if you don’t use them.
    Everyone can put the difficulty to 20% without trouble. 40% is no big deal on most races. 60% is safe as long as you don’t go off the road and keep decent speed. 80% is doable but drivatars have abnormal speed on straight line even more with this, making it randomly impossible depending on track or cars. Sometimes very easy, sometimes not possible.
    Buy 50k modcrates as soon as you can. 50K looks high, but it’ll be paid for itself right away. Keep +70/80% mods for long races with lots of miles. Use 40/60 for others. Sell back the 4/6 perfect pass modcard right away if you got it. It’s crap because of AI ramming and you will spend more time rewinding to get them than doing 2X the same race.

  • Forget standard race duration in championships : It is not only pointless and irrealistic (2 laps for a race ? yeah sure !), it provides no CR increase/bonus at all.
    Start doing long races and enjoy 15-18 min/7-10 laps race. Not only is it a bit more a race than a “quickly go from 11th to 1st in 30 second” in standard event, not only does it give you the possibility to do better lap time, but it will provide you with more base payout, obviously, which in turns, multiply the bonus you receive with mods and difficulty levels at the same time.
    Oh yes and most importantly, doing long races provides some XP bonus and makes you level up after almost each race.

  • Obviously, as with all forza’s you get more CR by doing a P-X class race than a C one.

  • Obiously again, Forza edition cars can further increase the CR payout up to 50%

So with these few tips applied here is an example of real payout per race i got after 16 min in a 750 S-class. I deliberately chose moderate mods, difficulty and class so it appeals to everyone.

Gain :

  • Base : 44 000 CR
  • Difficulty bonus (+60% here) : 26 400 CR
  • Mods (using 3X 50% modcard = 150% bonus ) : 66 000 CR
    Total : 136 400
  • Level up : got +20 000 CR + bought the car as usual with the -400 000 discount

So, my total payout for a 16 min race was 556 400 CR, and i didn’t :

  • use a P or X class which would have further increased my gains
  • use a single of my +80% modcards which would have given me 240% instead of 150
  • use a forza edition car that could have given me +30 to 50% CR
  • put the difficulty to +80 like i do 50% of the time

Doing so would have given me around 200 000 to 220 000 CR, putting the complete gain of my race to almost 650 000 CR

See ? No problem gaining money in this game at all :wink: !


Same here. I found the standard races were useless for xp/cr. I’ve been doing extra long races, averaging 80 - 100k base credits. Adding in decent mods, difficulty bonuses and level-ups, you can make up to 500k a race. It might take as long to do one extra long race as it does 6 shorter races (45 - 60 mins), but the extra rewards are worth it imho.


I’m keeping extra long duration for custom free play races with cars and tracks i really love :slight_smile:
Long is enough for the majority, extra is a bit extreme, but yes, there’s even more bonus for extra long.
I couldn’t stand a 50 lap nascar oval race without falling into sleep lol.

I am with you on that point that standard races weren’t good enough for leveling. My issue with them was I had to be too aggressive for my liking to finish first. I started doing the extra long races, yes they 35-60 minutes each, but the credit rewards are worth it. My tier level is to the point that a fair amount of the cars they I am offered, are free. If you are unwilling to do extra long races for all the race series, think about doing them for the showcases. Some of the cars I want are locked ones, so I have to wait a while longer. Stupid idea whosever it was.

Great tips for when I buy it. I’ve got so much money in all the other Forza’s with nothing to spend it on, good to see it’s not going to be the same in FM7!


Nope, me too. I find it bewildering how so many ‘youtubers’ have jumped on the bandwagon, slamming f7 for ‘hiding’ mods behind mt loot boxes and lowering payouts, you can tell literally none of them have played the game, and are jumping on the hate badwagon for views.

The game gives plenty of cash, gear and cars for levveling up, and loot crates are dirt cheap, 30k coins for mods is nothing. Plus ive had 3 cash rewards from the forza hub app

Ive played the game nowhere near 60 hours and i have 2 mill in the bank, im tier 8 and have 70 cars in the garage.

Whatever happened to actually playing a damn game instead of whining about it. …


It’s a shame I can’t +1 this comment a few more times.

I understand the need for views on YouTube but it just amounts to more fake news nowadays. Found one video earlier where the guy admitted up-front that he hadn’t played the game and was basing his rant from a number of other sites he’d read. He then proceeded to spout rubbish like “you have to buy crates to get mods and the mods change the race settings” which naturally attracted a storm of comments about how disgusting it is to charge people to change the race options. I had no words :frowning:


I’m at tier 19 and already have every car I want. At this point I’m spending all my credits on prize crates. I can get an average of 700k a day just playing online.

It reminds me of Forza 5 when they introduced tokens. People were under the impression that they raised credit prices to make buying tokens more appealing, when they didn’t, and had no idea that it took literally 10 minutes to get enough to buy a Ferrari. Forza has always been generous with credits, people just don’t have the smallest amount of patience to save up.


Not always, I’ve got two 2017 GTRs due to quickly selecting the car from the level up screen.

Are you sure ? Maybe different liveries ?

I’m past level 200 and i’ve never received a car i already own. 100% sure.

You people can defend this all you want but the fact is they [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] up the game by forcing these loot crates in. The whole tier thing is just crap. Trying to force people to use mods is ridiculous.

Nobody asked for any of this crap.

Oddly enough, the stuff people do ask for simply gets ignored.

You keep banging on about race lengths but races offline are dull thanks to the state of drivetars, and online races are not long enough but even if they were the online is in such a state thanks to terrible racers, rammers and corner cutters that you likely wouldn’t finish a 20+ minute race anyway.

The pay out of long races is tripled and the extra long ones are 9 to 10 times more pay out. That means the 50%+ mods used for standard races are a waist of possible gain.

Your 11000 + 50% = 17500, time usually 5 to 7 mins
Long 33000 + 50% = 49500, time usually 17 to 20 mins
Extra 110000 + 50% = 175000, time usually ~ 1 hour.

Who is forcing you to buy these crates? I haven’t bought any single one and you can be assured that I won’t do. They are an offer that nobody is forced to buy. If you can’t resist to buy them you should blame on yourself, not T10 or MS.

Back to topic l think it has never been so easy to earn credits and cars. I am playing for 1 1/2 week now, have got ~160 cars, nearly 2 million credits and I reached tier 15 and XP level 102. That’s not even very hard to manage. You only have to race a few hours (the essential part of a racing game) and use some mods. I still have got 23 of my 25 VIP mods left for the higher sp leagues with more pay out.

But nowadays there’s a mentality like “I want it all, immediately, without any effort and for free.” Something that does not work. Nor in real life neither in games.


So basically the race payout per lap is about the same, regardless of Regular/Long/Extra, if no mods are used. However, with mods, you can really gain because you have to buy the mods for 20K or 50K, and you barely get any return on those when doing Regular races. You can spend 20K on a pack, and they might earn out 28K total over 3 Regular races. I base that assumption on say about 8 uses from 4 cards adding up to about 250% bonus of that 11K base. That same pack in Long races would earn out 80K for the same 20K investment.

I saw someone mention too that the cars, and I assume the suits too, are not duplicates when you level up? What happens when you have them all?

I haven’t experienced any car duplicate at level up. About driver gears I can’t tell you nothing. My new virtual girlfriend (who could have been modelled a bit more female btw.) is still wearing her day one gear. I am really not interested in gears and l honestly can’t find the sense of them. So they are as interesting as loot crates or drift contests to me.
They are in the game, that may be fine for those who like them, but l don’t mind them only for 1 second.

What will happen after you have collected all 700 cars + dlc will be an unsolved quest
until someone owns all of them.

What you say is completely true. However you should be buying the 50k crates. I did a bunch of testing after buying about 50 of them and keeping track of rewards on various races. Even on the shortest race version, if you properly placed the cards based on what the track payout will be, I averaged $75,000 per pack. So there’s a 50% credit gain by buying those crates even in the short races. As you bump to longer races it catapults the payout.

You are not forced to use the loot crates, but they are helpful in helping to generate mods, which in turn can earn you credits. You don’t have to use mods to earn credits at a good pace either, I’ve used very few and have no issues with money.

Offline races are only dull if you set the AI to a setting you can easily beat in order to get through the races, setting them to a difficulty where you actually have to work to win or finish top three is much more engaging and fun, not to mention more productive in earning credits.

Sounds to me like you are just plowing through the game on the easiest difficulty setting, for whatever reason, being that laziness or lack of skill, I’m not making assumptions either way, and that is why you have a problem with the economy.


I don’t bother using mod cards, just play the game in free play or multiplayer and did a bit of career at the beginning of the game. I have plenty of in game money and all the cars I want. No one is forcing people to use mod cards or crates. They are there if you choose to go down that route. If not, don’t bother.

Find a class / division you like and start driving. You do not need 500 cars in your first week. You can only drive one at a time.

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Well Mr. Grumpy Pants… His post is not defending anything. It was simply informative on how to help generate credits for those people that are having issues.

It’s obvious you’re ticked off about online multiplayer. But his post really has nothing to do with that.

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A classic example of someone spending more time triggered than actually pressing the right trigger to race… :wink:


To each his own and im still waiting for the grand reveal come XB1X…Hardly…Couldnt agree more.Ive read enough from the seasoned vets of the Forza series that things went south this time around.I still have F4 in my 360.If they only would look back at what a great game it was and maybe add 1/2 of the goodness that was F4 these forums would be silent do to everyone playing the game-spreading the love of Forza instead of just killing it on social media -you tube-fb-here ect.Okay my rant is over.Off topic sorry my bad.