Am I the only one excited about the 68 Ford Mustang GT coming to the game

I know that car pass owners get it 2 days before everybody else but I can’t wait to paint, modify, and tune that Badboy…I am a die hard Chevy Lover but I am a Steve Mc Queen fan too…I know there will be alot of Bulitt replicas…probably more Tokyo drift knock offs but what about the Double O Mustang from the Dukes of Hazard!

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Too many mustangs as it is, and I got mah fox body so all is well. I shant be excited for any car until we get the Vauxhall Cresta PA or the Chevette HSR :slight_smile:

Since when do car pass owners get it 2 days before anyone else

Never too many Mustangs. Sadly they didn’t invite the 95 this time around. My first real life car was a 95 Mustang.

Edit: For topic purpose, I would be excited for the 68, but I don’t have car pass, so I won’t be able to drive it.

You can buy it as a DLC but the pass owners will get it 2 days early…I thought about getting a pass but there are some cars that I don’t want in garage …taking up space because the game is still fairly new…it has’nt been a year yet…there are going to be some cars added…down the line possibly from Forzathon…I do not want to risk having a full garage!

More excited for the old van, personally.


hey does anyone know what time the mustang is coming out in aus

I am excited for the '68. I’m hoping it’s the 390 engine, so we can have a proper Bullitt replica.

I like the old Fastback but the game already has so many Mustangs, I personally couldn’t care less about it :confused: But sadly that’s a fitting end to the whole car pass as it was 90% utter nonsense. I don’t regret buying the Ultimate Edition but the content of the car pass was less than satisfying. I really enjoyed like 5 cars out of these 42.

Is it?

I’m super excited for a chance to drive and tune that car. I’m all about the mustangs, and it seems my hunger for more is never satisfied. Whenever I get one and tune it, I almost always am tempted to buy a second one and tune it a different way.

Based on the look alone, it has the potential to become one of my favourite cars, but we’ll see how it drives and what its upgrade options are. I suspect I’ll be doing 2 builds. A “Keep the original look of the car” A class RWD build for streets, and a AWD offroad post-apocalyptic death machine.

Don’t forget the Bullitt clone.

It’s a very welcome addition to me. Looking forward to it. One of the few cars in the pass that I have anticipated.

Welcome any classic muscle or pony cars.


Honestly I’m happy for you that one of your favorite cars has made it to the series. I never thought the R-33 GTR LM, widebody kits, stance tuning or drifting specific upgrades would EVER be in Forza and I’ve been estatic with all the content the Horizon team has been bringing over the years.

I never been much of a mustang fan but damnit do I love that GT350R. It sounds amazing going through the gears but that 9K redline is why I keep using it. High revving and throaty! The other mustangs in the game are meh

I owned a 67 convert in the early 70s so I am looking forward to this Mustang. I wonder if this one will run out of gas as fast as my 67 did. (lol)