Am I the only one enjoying this game?

OK, it’s got some things that I gripe about. Private lobbies and class rivals to name two. But, as whole, I am really enjoying FM7. I got it on early release and I’ve been on it most evenings. It doesn’t feel like the grind that 6 was, and it’s certainly bigger than 5. Maybe not as big as 4, but it’s not too far off.

Thanks T10


Honestly…this is actually my first time posting on this forum, but I just had to. So many people are complaining about so many issues. Obviously there needs to be some tweeks here and there but overall I am also enjoying the game quite a bit.

It doesnt feel like a grind and I am having zero issues gaining XP and credits. Up to almost 10mil, driver level 98 and car collector level 13.

I don’t even mind the loots boxes…i purchase the 20k basic ones and those often give some of the best mods (easy challenges vs reasonable bonus %). I obviously love collecting cars and I havent had any issues at all getting up to 100 cars or buying whichever car i felt like buying. Also…I truly love how I dont have to spend so much time upgrading cars to “fit” the class. That option is amazing I find. If I feel like, I’ll go in and do upgrades for my own time trials, but otherwise its all set up and I feel its balanced nicely right from the get go.


Play on the hardest difficulty you can handle (obviously), but unbeatable is really almost a joke once you separate from the herd at the first corner. On long race setting I usually catch up to 1st in about 2 or 3 laps (not that it matters re credits, but thats with ALL assists off even). The AI will NEVER be able to corner as quick as a human and they crash often.

If you need mods, purchase basic crates. More than enough…and the 20k you use get replenished very quickly.

ALWAYS PICK THE CAR in the level up bonus. ALWAYS. "Oh heres a priceless Ferrari…but here bro you can pick it up for 25K). Honestly…for everyone who complains about not saving money, this is really often overlooked from all the complaint rants on this forum. The discounts the game offers on cars when leveling up is insane. Most times you get to take away cars at either dirt cheap or ZERO credits altogether. Also, I don’t think the game stinges out on giving out good cars. Some are meh, but most are useful and really ive only had to buy one or two cars for specific races because of that.

Do longer races. People have lives obviously, but I find that some “extra long races” really can be done in less than 30 mins. Especially F1 stuff. The pay out and level up from those is golden. Almost 3-400K a pop!! Even if you do “long” that’s usually like 10-15 mins a race and the payout can be as high as 200k with mods and 2 level ups!

The AI is completely oblivious to your existence. Steer clear. Well clear. Also, they will make mistakes that can give you the opportunity to overtake easily, so dont give up hope of landing 1st even if you’re already on lap 5 of 7. Especially in the rain. ALSO. I know we all race to win, but sometimes, it’s ok if you land 2 or 3rd. You still get the payout…

I guess thats all i can think of for now, but hopefully others can help and share more!


All of this. Well said! I’ve been having a blast on this so far, I’ve had some of my best driving moments ever - the fun and drama I had in a Lotus 3-Eleven at Nurburgring full in the pouring rain will live with me for a long time, and sometimes the game is visually breathtaking. And as long as I remember to quit and reload the game every hour or so to fix the vRAM leak, I’ve not had too much in the way of glitches either.

I enjoy the game. I think it’s a fun Game to play.

I’m just disappointed by the lack of communication and missing features that I had thought were staples. Some of the features removed we’re the modes I played in… So there isn’t much for me to do aside from the single player campaign.

I don’t care.about loot boxes or mods. I’ve ignored them before and I can very easily if or them again.

I can probably get used to the new rivals but private lobbies losing AI is a huge deal for my group of friends. So I don’t know…


I can see this becoming the best Forza game yet if they fix some issues with Multiplayer and add Leagues. I find that this game has lots of potential, but right now it is a V8 running on 5 cylinders.


I am, I have no complaints at all. Oh well with the VIP thing, I feel worse for Turn10 than I do for the idjits that felt they were ripped off as if Microsoft had implemented a Auto-click A on the Forza 7 $99.99 Ultimate Edition in their market place lol.

The only thing I am slightly annoyed at more than everyone complaining, especially the nit-pickers is that certain cars are locked with no certainty of unlocking them.

@Sammy 48:
I agree with you on the long race setting. Sure, a four minute race is now twelve minutes, but being able to methodically work your way through the pack versus having to smash your way through is a much more rewarding feeling.

I miss multiplayer as much as anyone else, but I’m holding out hope it will come, and in the meantime career, with its genuine sense of progression, is well worth it so far.

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I’m also enjoying the game very much. I just wish Toyota & Lexus were here and once they patch all the bugs and glitches the game will be perfect for me.

Also hoping they bring back traditional class based multiplayer hoppers.

Still waiting for the R S A B C D class lobbies, and adjudication system for crashers and corner cutters. That’s all I need.
I have to race with the same 2 cars in the rise of the supercar category, and try to avoid noobs and wreckers.
So no, I’m still not enjoying this game.


The classes will come later.
The crashers arent going away and wont be fixed. This isnt subscription based racing. The money isnt there to govern that. Join iracing if you want racing thats governed with punishments. That will never ever happen on xbox gaming. So you may never enjoy racing here

That’s so pessimistic of you, lol.

When asked about how Turn 10 plans to tackle the issues that plague online play in Forza Motorsport 6, Giese said the new Adjudication System in Forza Motorsport 7 will penalize players who cut corners, crash out other players, or do something else that could potentially give you an advantage or wouldn’t be considered sportsmanship. These penalties will see the game “take you down,” Giese said, revealing that players who cheat or race unclean could face added time on to their final lap and race total, or have their result marked as ‘dirty’ in Rivals.

nope i really like it as well but there are a few things what are just niggling me

  1. back markers crashing into you or people griefing this way
    fix - you move 200m backwards - you are permanent ghost
    IF you are last you are a ghost, when leader is > than len(trackmetersmax), next driver is ghost

  2. audio when in full no assists seems to cut out upwards of 10w times during EVERY race

  3. getting kicked out of lobbies, especially the lambo one

  4. not hearing the people who are talking (icon on left)

other than that game is pretty solid atm

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Remember most people on forums all they do is complain.
Most users are not on a forum and are enjoying the game.
Ever since the first forum for forza its been a complaint fest,yet here we are forza 7 and turn ten is making millions.Something is going right.
Most people here tolerances are so low that the smallest issue is monumental to them. I laugh at all these rediculous ranting posts. Really,get some perspective.


I’m really enjoying it too, maybe it’s the honeymoon period but I’m inclined to say it’s my favorite Motorsports game yet, it just controls really well and looks amazing to me(on the X1S anyways). The progression system is very steady, I level up every few games so it keeps me satisfied, I don’t feel like the grind is unfair in its pace. But I would like them to add leagues soon, I want to play that.

Yea you’re the only one, you’re the most special snowflake, totally anti-mainstream

is that what you want to hear?

Because what else can you want from a question like that, which really is more of a statement, because you know you’re of course not literally the only one among millions of players to enjoy a game that everyone seems to not be able to stop playing.


I know I’m loving the game too. Funny enough I thought about posting a thread like this yesterday cause everyone’s complaining non-stop. Forza 6 had nearly no multiplayer lobbies when it started out, had its own glitches as well. But Jesus people act like turn10 have devastated their lives. They said they were going to add more later on and they did. I just wish it had the AH. Now with F7, only thing I dislike is the damn reward glitch Ive been tempted to use and am holding back super hard.

Been playing since F2 and I’m happy with what they’ve done. im just hoping in the long run we get our money’s worth for VIP. As of right now I’m not satisfied, and this if my first time buying VIP but I knew what it was like in previous games. I hope they give the unlimited vip mods or something, love the game but that was a dirty move. They had to of known what we expected to get.

That s been patched as far as I know. The only bug I’ve had so far was the rewards system crashing the game whenever it came up. I thought my game was permanently broken.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far and I can see this being the best Forza to date. Forza 6 had numerous updates and addons during its time and if 7 sees the same it’ll be amazing. I was very impressed with my first play and excited about what’s to come.

I’m enjoying myself, but I’m simply disappointed at all the features they cut and the lack of freedom to enjoy the game in multiple ways. When I’m done with the single player portion there isn’t enough variety left to keep me coming back.

If they were to bring back the leaderboard and either add every division as an option for online play and add the class hoppers back, maybe I won’t be hanging this up as soon as I expect to. I put thousand of hours in Forza 6, I doubt I’d be entertained for over 300 if they don’t add content, and quickly.

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