Am i going mad or are the Street races more difficult than all the other race types?

I swear the AI is harder to beat in street races, plus my car (any car) always seems to handle worse in Street races.

Am i going mad or does anyone else think this?


You’re going mad.

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They’re much more difficult, but not necessarily because of the AI.

Drivatars will cheat anywhere, that’s the truth. The fact they’re affected by checkpoints now does not change the numerous other upgrades they get, including the ability to always land the right way in Cross Country events, or never being affected by weather nor visibility conditions. They also seem to be able to hit unrealistic speeds for their builds, as there were guys in F12tdfs keeping up with my fully upgraded, non-aero Chiron on straights.

This also happens during Street Races, but on top of that you must contend with night driving (never easy) and traffic, as well as the occasional rain/snow. The mode is, thus, harder by default.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though: like in NFS, traffic is spawned to ruin your race only. Drivatars will only crash into them if they really can’t avoid it. Otherwise, they never make mistakes, while you must deal with traffic cars coming up at the worst moments. The game is rigged for you to lose and at this point it’s better to simply tone the difficulty down or abuse rewind.


I don’t find street races to be particularly more difficult than the other race types (each type of race has its own subset of driving challenges and cheating drivatar behaviors) but I think I understand where your frustration may be coming from.

For AI difficulty, the lack of vehicle restrictions means that inevitably at least some of the AI racers will have really good AWD cars (and occasionally they’ll have a joke of a vehicle with such a low top speed as to not be remotely competitive). Make sure you’re bringing a good AWD car (unless you’re really good at RWD, FWD can also work for lower classes) if you want to be competitive with all the rain.

I haven’t noticed any difference in handling, but the street races don’t have the barriers like the other race types on the difficult corners which can add to the difficulty since you can’t just bounce off the barrier if you don’t slow down enough (have to use the AI racers instead). There’s also the scripted traffic on some of the corners which can be really, really annoying.

How are you guys having difficulty? I can casually blow by unbeatable AI with 10 seconds to spare?

because everyone has different experiences, I did a street race 3 times and the traffic is not the same each time, you just have to hope when you do one that traffic works in your favor.

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I always start using oddball or slower cars. Helps me work out what is slow and quick in relation to builds in the game.

I can state the following:

AI is inconsistent.
AI seems quicker in street races compared to other races (this was also the case in the previous game)


This is my experience. I’ve been playing on Expert and winning fairly easily until Street Scene. Each race I’ve failed to do better than 2nd by a large margin. I recall the same in FH3 or FH2.


I have Olympic Gold in Swimming, why don’t you?

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I’ve noticed the exact same! Usually/always raining also.

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Yea I have had the same experience

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Biggest difference to me is the courses are not particularly well marked. Combine that with the dark and traffic, and it’s a little harder. Usually takes me a couple runs to learn the course.

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the AI always knows the route. If you play a route enough times to learn it like a fm track, you can crush them with smooth driving. Hard to do with only a couple goes at it. A lot more unmoveable hard items to run into on the street races.

It’s not the same as running Laguna seca 90+ times. Theres so many different races you just dont get the practice time.

Cross country has a lot more field of vision and leeway where you can mess up without penalty

Night Racing, fast corners and traffic raises the difficulty even if the AI is the same.

I’m glad it’s not just me who has noticed this; the AI seem to be able to corner much more quickly regardless of the car I use, it’s as if they’re not affected by the constant rain I seem to get in street races.

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I think the people not having issue with these races are 3rd person view players. First person players just see the the backs of spastic AI drivers 35% or more of the race. Inevitably one of them will defy the laws of physics and snap out from in front to leave the player hitting a car they never saw. This also leaves first person players more anxious to get to the front of the gaggle of drivatards to get a clear view of the road. The added need to be in front fast triggers even more aggressive AI patterns and leaves the driver more prone to mistakes in corners himself.

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Yes, I play Driver position, and you can’t see anything from behind another car, you are trying to remember the bends coming up… Traffic makes this worse.

Actually, even at normal difficulty, it’s so rigged it might make you restart the event at least 25 times until it finally lets you win.
Word to those of you not wishing to suffer terribly because of this: DO NOT PLAY STREET RACES EVER. Ignore all the street scene events.

Nope. The AI is considerably worse in Street races.

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What game are you playing?, this is the Forza Horizon 4 Forum.