Am I Being Punished?

I ran about 20 online races last night. I didn’t keep an exact count, but I noticed after the first 5-6 races that I had started each of them in last or next-to-last place on the grid. The rest of the night I only started in the top half of the grid once or twice. What gives? Anybody else ever felt like Forza hates you?


I believe it’s just random pick so you were just unlucky I guess

I know you guys are right, but that was some statistically improbable bad luck. I think there should be some way to qualify for races. Whether it’s ordering the grid based on order of arrival to the destination or based on championship points or based on something else. The random number generator is pretty lame.

Back is good though, everyone smashed on the first corner and you can just drive around them. Then just continue to race cleanly and you’ll win :slight_smile:

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Ever played a table-top wargame? Miniatures, measuring tape and dice? I rolled five dice once, every single die rolled a 1. Pretty much cost me the match.

Statistically improbable = will happen at some point

So you’re saying I should keep buying lottery tickets.


If you don’t buy a lottery ticket, you lose - guaranteed.