Always raining

It’s nice to have a weather cycle feature, but not when it rains all the time… I’ve noticed this since the last update, and it happened in fh2 as well, where the rain seemed to always come and go. Please put it back to usual so it doesn’t rain 24/7

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Possibly Do a blueprint exhibition to fix the weather cycle for a bit

Lucky you, it never rains for me.

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My brother in law is constantly complaining about the wet stuff. I hardly ever get rain, but I think it depends on how you play the game.
Most of my time is spent doing races, rather than cruising.

That’s because you’re always taking fire photos :wink:

Don’t know about that, lol.
You used to take a few yourself mate

Oh please, I live in Ireland and Forza Horizon 3 has far more sunshine. xD If it were real sunshine I would have gotten a sun tan by now. xD

If you just keep going in and out of a festival it should eventually change.

Or start an exhibition change the weather from current to morning (whatever the time of day you’d like) and set to clear. Now when your done it will be clear


I do that for my screenshots a lot so I hardly see rain.

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. Before the update it only rained about 5 percent of the time I played. Now it’s always raining for the most part. Would be nice to have a happy medium. lol

It rained all the time in Horizon 2 for sure. But Horizon 3 seems much more sensible with it’s rain effects.