Always racing on Yas or VIR , what about the good ol tracks?

This game for some reason or another puts major emphasis on new tracks like Yas Marina and VIR etc. Im about level 380 - 400 something (not sure) and I have about a thousand online races under my belt (havnt played this forza as much as the others) The only tracks that come up in this game are VIR, Yas, Top Gear, Watkins Glen, or some short go kart tracks. Ive been playing for 6 days straight playing 4-6 hours a day, and I have not raced on Suzuka full, Mugello full, Road Atlanta full, Road America full, Sebring full, or Bathhurst full etc 1 time, but I have raced on yas and top gear 10 times, watkins about12-14 times and even raced on a Suzuka east (I think) circuit 5 times out of a 12 race stint. There is clear favoritism toward newer, top gear and short tracks. But why?

I think there should be equal chances to race at a given course, for example, theres 32 courses in forza 7 so there should be roughly a 3% chance to race on Dubai or Catalunya etc. I don’t think there should be any short courses at all but if they much be in rotation then say if Laguna Seca was the random pick then you would race on Laguna full because that’s the only track at Laguna, but if the random pic was say Hockenhiem then there would be a 33% chance of racing on any of those tracks because theres 3 tracks you can race on.

Or, there could be 2 course options then which ever is picked then there could be another vote of 2 options for the track, for example, if Laguna was one option and Road Amercia was the other and Road America was picked then give 2 more random options of either Road Anerica full and Full Alt or something among those lines.

Food for thought.

Also if anyone can tell me how to change my gamerpic on this forum that would be nice. This gamerpic is not or ever was my gamerpic, currently my pic is a gears logo what gives?

where is Nordschleife? I think I’ve only seen this come up once in B class hoppers for its entire existence.


I agree, Nürburgring is another great track, both GP and full that we never seem to race on. Ill race at Yas marina or Top Gear 20 times before I ever see Nurburg full

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YAS Marina is a very good track to race on, just not in FM7 due to their being no penalty system. People can just cut the track and gain a massive advantage. Where YAS Marina shines is that you’ve got 3 good overtaking possibilities because of the long straights.

When it comes to VIR, I don’t like racing it due to poor visibility and because of how narrow it can get. However it is fun for hotlapping.

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I’ve only just begun playing Forza 7 [forgive my noob driving if you see me in MP!], but I’m loving how much VIR is coming up in the rotation. The track modeling is awesome, really does feel like being there. Well, except for maybe “the dip” [Turns 4, 5 & 6] on the South course; I don’t think there has been a game/sim yet that can truly capture and convey what it feels like coming over the crest of 4 down into turn 5. The best way I can think to describe that is: at speed, it feels like pitching yourself of the top step of a flight of stairs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That, and maybe Turn 10 should patch the physics/friction of the grass/off track surfaces at Turn 10 “South Bend,” to reflect the corner’s somewhat treacherous nature for the unwary. Very unforgiving turn if you misjudge your entry into that left kink coming over the knoll. I remember the instructors telling us in Skip Barber: If you go off coming into South Bend, DO NOT try to get back on-track right away, or the outside tire wall WILL end up eating your car!

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Trust me you are the 0.1% of people that like this track…it will get old when you race the same 2 layouts all the time.

On the other hand, are people scared to vote in this game, I swear it’ll be 24 people in the lobby and only get about 6 people that’ll vote for a track and usually its VIR, YAS, dubai, or one of the short Rio circuits. It’s like there is no variety in Multiplayer.


Yas is horrendous as maybe 5% of the lobby race cleanly. The rest cut every corner and divebomb to do so. Race regs need to hurry up.

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ViR is my favourite track and I personally don’t see it enough in S and R class. I honestly think youve been incredibly unlucky to see such poor track variation considering how much you play. I see the tracks you say you don’t see quite regularly but that’s how RNG works.

At the same time with about 7000 online races and driver level 2594 you could say I’ve played enough for it to feel a bit of a blur looking back on track variation.

My viewpoint on this really is that the game just needs new tracks added at this point and top gear deleted from game :rofl: I’m generally satisfied with how the tracks are generally thrown my way.

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Oh GTR SPEARMAN, many a great races we’ve had on Forza 7, 6 too I believe, which by the way invite me sometime unless you deleted me! lol I agree that Top Gear needs to get the boot, but I cant agree about the track selection though, ive raced on tracks like Mugello full maybe 4 times since launch! that’s unacceptable! Its not that I don’t like Yas and VIR, I just prefer not to race on those tracks 10 times out of a 20 race stint (which has happened) maybe its just my account, want it spear? you can get the stuck girl avatar gamerpic and everything. lul

Epic Evan, yeah the cut points on Yas are ridiculous. They half way fixed them back in forza 6 where they were easily twice as bad as they are now. Its not so bad if you can get a clean enough lobby, but that’s so rare to come by, they need to just finish walling off the cut points because theres always people trying to cut.

Track cutting will be a non issue in a few month thankfully.

I raced on Mugello full in S class both yesterday and this morning. Track selection being as random as it is, different people will definitely have varying results.

Added you Havok. Could have swore you were already on my list :thinking:

From my investigation, the Forza algorithm works sort of like this:

Every ribbon has an equal chance to come up. This is a bad idea due to the fact that some circuits have tones of ribbons while others do not. Hence why Virginia will come up far more times that Bathurst.

Then in lower classes, the algorithm favours circuits with shorter ribbons or variants conpared to their longer counterparts. This again favours tracks like VIR over say Bathurst again.

Drifting is a completely different kettle of fish but this is what I’ve found to be the case in circuit hoppers.

Here’s how the algorithm should work imo:

Every LOCATION should have an equal chance of appearing. So say you have 20 locations, each one has a 5% chance of coming up. Once 2 locations are selected, each ribbon within each location should have an equal chance of coming up. There should be a few exceptions of course. No point having E Class on the Nurburgring + GP, no reason for having F1 at Long Beach short & no reason for Top Gear Full in general because of that weird figure of 8. Then the higher you go in classes, the more chance a longer version of a ribbon will be selected. The lower you go in classes, the more chance a shorter version of the ribbon should be selected.

Those are just my 2 cents.

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VIR is an amazing track in its standard configuration, the problem is that we rarely get to drive that version because some stupid hacked up version comes up. Random chopped up versions show up all the time, and since it’s difficult most people just get mad and say it sucks instead of learn anything. When you add those two things together, it gets a lot of rage directed at it. It is kinda funny though… for how often it comes up people sure do suck there still.

There’s no pleasing everyone when it comes to track rotation as some people hate fantasy tracks, some people hate tracks they are bad at, some people hate short tracks, etc, but basically everyone hates the current setup. We have been complaining about it basically since launch and it’s never even been acknowledged that I’ve seen.

It’s kind of a side effect of the people making the game not really understanding anything about racing other than “cars go around a track and make noise and are shiny.” I mean, these are the guys that put Long Beach West in the Endurance GT hopper rotation for several months.

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When I PM’d someone at Turn 10 about this maybe a year ago this is the response I got. Pertains to leagues but I think the same philosophy applies to hoppers.

“I can share some of our philosophies for picking tracks. In general, we try to keep race length within a specific length of time which is why lengthy tracks like Nordschleife don’t appear very often in Leagues. Conversely, short tracks with a large number of laps are pulled out because too much repetition could wear thin. On top of those criteria, we do try to feature tracks that complement the division/car of the event. Some of these guidelines have been put in place by myself, but others have been dictated by people in positions higher than my own.”

Does anyone actually agree with the guidelines? Pls say so and lets gets this done once and for all. Why we are ignored since release about this, I really don’t know. I don’t care how long the race is. 10-20 min is fine for any race. I think we can fit full Circuits into that no problem. Penalties coming soon, I want good rotations when that happens in leagues and hoppers. Repeating the same tracks over and over wears thin too Turn 10. How many times has Top Gear appeared, it is absurd. It’s not even a racetrack and has like no limits although they are better now. Not that anyone follows them anyway yet. Tantamount to a joke and it’s on us. I like VIR, a lot actually except the Patriot ones and that’s mainly due to those being easier than the others to cut on. All I see is short tracks with large numbers of laps more than anything else like 10 laps Top gear in a hopper, so even Turn 10 isn’t following this. Track Toys league this week is the same rotation from a year ago so that shows nothing has been changed since then other than the order is different. Just lazy. Every track I had written down has shown up form last year. This affects global gameplay and something needs to be done. I can’t imagine this being at all difficult to do. I’m sure its just a randomized list but it’s the worst randomization I’ve ever seen in my life.

You can lock this, tell me to put it on the wishlist. Tell me to email Turn 10 which to me is just a nice way of saying get lost basically. Whatever. Been there done that, still a problem. Have a poll, ask what tracks the community want to see in rotations be it a league or a hopper. Why can’t we just start there.


I’m wondering, what are they affraid of? There can’t be more complaints than there are now. Nobody would be upset, if there would be more variaty. And why do we got like 20 different hoppers, all with the exact same race length besides the Endurance Hopper. Please, try experiment with one hopper with 5-7 minutes racelength , one with 7-10 min , one with 10-15 , and even 30 minutes hopper. See what the responses are.
And also I would like to see a Nordschleife-Hopper with changing classes, from Class A to X, thank you.


I’ve always felt the race length to be too short. Imo it should be around 10 minutes minimum. At the moment they’re around 5.

There’s just no chance to recover if you get hit in the current hoppers apart from Endurance GT.

Also I’d love more variety. Endurance P1 / P2 / Forza GT multicast would be amazing. So would endurance IndyCar, F1, etc etc.

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