• 2016 Dodge Viper ACR
  • 1967 Ford Falcon XR GT
  • 2016 BMW M4 GTS
  • 1979 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus
  • 2017 Acura NSX
  • 1998 Nissan Silvia K’s
  • 1990 Mazda Savanna RX-7

Well, that’s a shame, to me at least. :frowning:


I agree.

A third or fourth Viper, like who needs that?

JDMs, don’t care. Anything older than 90’s don’t care.

Another Bimmer…theres 20 already.

Wheres Porsche, Volkswagen? Volvos, Opels etc?

I’ll be driving the Falcon for a bit then just switch back to the Volvo 850. No one car in this is anything for me to get excited about.

^You are going to be the minority on that, I predict.

2 classic JDM cars, a new NSX, classic rally and Ford Falcon, a new Viper ACR (and some BMW that I couldn’t care less about).

However this pack in general is a win. So much appreciation for all of these… I can see some people liking the BMW but there is so many that the devs are throwing at us I couldn’t be bothered to get into driving another new one


Two of the most requested tuners to keep the JDM fans at bay, check.

Three new sports/supercars to keep the main fanbase happy, check.

A legendary Australian muscle car for immersion, check

An obscure but immensely likable hot hatch for you to fall in love with, freaking check.

Good pack.


Oh geez man I really wanted Ecto-1. Nonetheless, GREAT PACK ! Can’t wait to trash that little Talbot around


The pack is good and all, I’m happy the superior kouki S14 isn’t locked behind the stupid unicorn wall anymore. And the NSX is a dream coming true.
But what is the deal with all the hype they made two weeks ago, about a car that never appeared in the horizon games? All these are just normal cars, or am I missing something?


It wasn’t the car itself that was a first for the series, it was how it is delivered, it’s a new barn find coming today.

The Silvia '94 is still an unicorn, they just added another one.

Acura and BMW are good choices, I like these two.

Dodge Viper? Nah, not into it. Since I’m not a big Viper fan.

Ford Falcon? Nah, I’d prefer something like the Crown Victoria from the last DLC, it was great.

RX 7? We already have one. And I prefer the newer version.

The old Skyline? Still waiting to unlock in my Garage, but I don’t like it’s shape.

The little rally car? I already forgot its name. Well, not a big surprise as promissed. I was hoping for something more.

We already had an M4.

We already had a Viper.

We already had a Falcon.

We already had a Silvia.

We already had an NSX.

We already had a Skyline.

Sorry, but poor logic is poor.


Try the regular 2016 Viper and the 2016 Viper ACR around the track and you feel a difference, a MASSIVE difference. The ACR is on rails and is also the last year of the viper and its a great sending off. The 2017 NSX is a completely different car than the 2005 NSX. They are extremely different. Same goes with the M4 GTS, it is very similar to the Case with the two Vipers, it can corner amazingly and sounds different. Quit your moaning and just be happy that they are giving us cars that are fun and we can enjoy.


He wasn’t moaning. He was pointing out a rediculous complaint with a sarcastic post using the same logic. The key is the last sentence.

Basically he was calling the guy an idiot without saying such.

So which track? I’m sure it’ll be hard to tell the difference between the Vipers and M4s with the higher grip levels. I don’t recall the M4 sounding any different or memorable for that matter. It did drive really nice after I put awd and tires on it. Really fun to drive and look at.


With a lot of people being idiots on the site its hard to tell sarcasm. Also, It cannot even begin to tell you how well the ACR handles. Its 10x better than the GTS

And on top of ^ that comment. No one forced you to buy the DLC. So like he/she said enjoy what you are given.

It is always good to keep expectations high up.

Otherwise they’ll release a wooden plank with four wheels and you have to enjoy what you’ve got?

Anyway, I bet even then some people would pop up ‘Hey it’s a wooden plank, but now I can attach my sick rice bowl and huge Godzilla spoiler to it! Please Turn10, release a few more versions of the wooden plank!’ :smiley:

i like 5 out of the 7 cars in the pack, it comes down to what cars you like, you don’t like it and thats youre opinion, but not everyone shares the same opinion, you think they are wooden planks, i think they are great


As mentioned in the Week in Review, the extra car will be a Barn Find appearing for everyone in today’s content update. See the other thread about this subject.

Well that makes sense…

It’s all well and good, the cars. Can we make the Kouki S14 into the Sileighty though? And when does this drop? And why yet another Falcon? Why can’t we see some more Holden/GM love?

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