Alpha 33 help (stuck)

I am currently running a 19.186 and cannot what so ever get any faster while seeing other people run low 1’s, wondering if there is anything I can do to maybe decrease my time at all or if I’m missing something in my tune. Pls help

P.s. message me if you don’t Wnna spread your tune around

Haha. Good luck. So far I’ve got mine down to only 19.403. :slight_smile:

There is a tune mate

Pretty much in the same boat here with a 19.153. Out of ideas and frustrated…

Do you have race brakes on?
Have you tried playing around with the front tyre width?
What are your Rim sizes?
I’m guessing you used all the power upgrades?
Do you have a roll cage on?
What happens when you remove the oil and cooling upgrade - one of the ones right next to the flywheel that adds almost no power but tons of weight?

How have you tuned your car?
Is your gearing optimized?

Optimal Shifting Point
Automotive Calculators ← useful for gearing and other such stuff, check them out
Race Car Suspension

Damn how the Alfa goes 24.271-356 I know some of you are fast as hell my best was a 24.441 on the air strip drag

See the post right above yours…