Almost done with the game

I’m about 92% done with this game and I just realized this: pitting is no longer required in the longer races. They split the longer ones into “heats”. Did fans complain about having to pit and what is the status of this feature in the single player campaign of the newer games? I know Forza 7 has really long races but honestly I never minded having to pit or doing hour long races.

You must be talking about the championship races? Lots of people knock forza 3 and rave over forza 4, but I much prefer the longer championship races in forza 3, than I do the crazy as dash to 1st in 3 lap heats that are in forza 4. Wouldn’t be so bad if they’d left adjustable AI in career mode in forza 4.

I’m playing in the event list now, trying to finish that as I got the legend achievement a couple days ago and after getting it, I was only ~10% done with the game…

As for the newer forza games, there really isn’t a championship race, just groups of races to complete, then move on to the next category.

Yeat, it didn’t take me long to stop playing in the career mode after I realized the difficulty setting was dynamic. I’m playing most of the races on hard with most of the assists off (except I turn on TCS for R3, R2, and R1 cars and sometimes for harder to control S class cars).

Forza 4 has 1300+ races for 100%. Now I’m wondering how the newer games compare. I think I will save up for an Xbox One X since I’m almost done completing this game and I already own most of the newer Forza games (save for FM6 and 7).

If you like 4, I think you’ll like 5,6&7.

I’ve finished 7, I like that you can set campaign race lengths from standard(short, 2-3 lap races), to long and extra long. Default is standard, but several series that I really like I’d do on extra long. Overall I think I took about ~150 hours to complete everything. If done all on standard, I’d guess maybe ~90 hours.

5 & 6 doesn’t have race length adjustment. But all 3 pay credits and xp in free play where as far as I know, 3&4 doesn’t. 5 did away with distance and time between opponents, 6 brought distance back, as well as 7. Can’t buy FM5 dlc in store anymore. FM6 has a Porsche and NASCAR expansion, both excellent. I’m not through with either one of those and think both are a longer campaign than 7. In 5, after you complete a series, it unlocks more in that series, but I don’t believe there’s any actual reward for completing the bonus races, at least I’ve completed one full bonus series and nothing happened.

Credits in FM6 will roll in big time as you progress.

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