All the hate

This is a post for people that are nagging on me so im going to redeem myself i notice alot of the players on here are tier 4 levels and their hating on me for being a high level and truthfully i didn’t know that tier 7 was a high level so im going to tell my story how i got there believe it or not to start off i had a profile on my console named talentedsdmf and one day i was hopping on my console and it said that i logged off and to be able to get back into that profile i would have to enter the password to that profile and honestly ive had this console for two years at this time ive had it for about four now and i couldn’t remember my password i tried everything of course i didn’t write it down because I was never expecting my Xbox to do this and it sucked i had to replay every game i ever completed so i had to replay forza horizon 2 and 3 then one day i went to the forza app on my consol and just in case none of you know this you can get free credits once a week from this app and read what dlcs are coming up the cool thing that happened was that the app never deleted my old profile so all i had to do is change my gamertag and then i went back and played forza horizon 2&3 and it got me to the level i am now and what most dont think about is go back every once in awhile and mess around just do all the races and smash all the bonus boards drive around in your favorite car and unlock all the roads hit all the speed zones and traps and jumps you don’t have to three star them all just the ones you want to just as long as you touched all of them the game sees that your making a effort and literally i promise this is how i got to be this level and another thing open up the forza app and get your free credits because when you want to go back to those games all those are waiting for you in your message center and when returned to fh2 i swear i had 3 million credits waiting for me plus what i already had so i probably had about 15 million when i got back same with fh3 i just wanted to get this off my chest before people keep putting me down before they knew
my story we all need to be better walk a day in each others shoes before pointing the finger and also i mean wait a few months and all those credits will be waiting for your return thank you for all your time reading this.

There is a bug in the forum software that shows everyone except yourself at Tier 4. For instance, I am actually Tier 10 like a lot of senior/long-time players (or higher).


Mann this is a forum for a video game lol nothing on here matters in the real world. You don’t have to redeem yourself or write about your conquest of Forza. Chill.

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Tier 12

yep really bout time that glitch was fixed

Tier 4 is good but not super high…I am a tier 13 with a score of 24,107 and I know of many with a much higher score than me. There is a bug that shows 1050 and tier 4 for most players, although most of the time I still have my accurate score everyone else’s level is tier 4 with 1050 score and that’s just a bug of some sort and has been that way off and on but mostly on for over a year. Not a huge deal for me as I mainly go there for info anyway.

Quite confused by this post
Just so you know tier 7 is actually a low level
You get to tier 4 just by joining forza rewards without even playing a game
There is quite a few of us that are tier 13…me included but as stated earlier the forum is glitched and shows everyone as tier 4
Nobody hates on you because of your tier level
Especially if you are only tier 7…i have 4 other gamertags that are tier 7,8 and 9

I think I’m tier 12, and I only joined in 2016 when FH3 came out, but I noticed I could earn points retrospectively so back I went and played FM3, FM4, FH1, and even borrowed an Xbox One for a while to play FM5, FM6 and FH2. I’ve still got some Gamerscore to earn too. As for any hate? Never come across it at all in the 2+ years I’ve been here. I’ve been shown nothing but respect and most people are willing to help others whenever they can. Sorry your experience has been a negative one :frowning:

Everyone is Tier 4 but me, I am the best Ha ha!!!

I will disagree, you are definitely a tier 4 AquaPainter, says it right on my screen :slight_smile:

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The new faster forum has made me Tier 4 now… bo hoo.

EDIT: Oh wait, only my old posts are tier 4.

That’s one long & confusing sentence.


You actually read it?


I did, just to see if he EVER used any punctuation.