All the deadzones sliders doesnt work. only the linearity

ive tested different settings with open telemetry. the steering linearity slider works but all of the deadzone sliders doesnt work. 4 other friends tried it and confirmend it. nobody can adjust the deadzones. pls fix that in the near future guys. thx

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and btw the brake balance slider is bugged since fm7. if u put it all to the rear it changes the the balance to the front. so rear is front and front is rear lol. sometimes it feels like they never played their own game. pls fix that too in the future. and the formula drift cars and all cars with higher steering angles are terrible to drive. its not possible to adjust the steering in corners without tabbing the stick like in fh3. the game needs a slider in the controller settings tab for steering sensitivity or a tuning option for the angle kit like in fm7 where we can change between 45-60° for example. for the drift community its rly important or the drift cars are useless for skilled players on controller.

i see. nobody cares bugs like this… maybe u need new guys in the quality control AND support?!

This problem is there since the demo, I bet it’s something simple to fix.

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