all reward points on 360?

Can you get all 3,000 reward points on 360 version?

No points for the 360 version (Sumo Digital product)

Ok no point in playing the 360 version then.

Forza 2 was available on both Xbox One and 360 - I crushed the 360 version because I couldn’t afford the Xbox One at that time. (same thing with the F&F version). It sucks that we can’t include all our achievements and rewards from those two titles on 360. Why don’t they count? Is there some good reason or just laziness on their part?

I was also playing Forza 4 around the same time and got hit with a neighborhood wide power outage that must have happened exactly when it was saving, when I got back on I was banned for cheating and I could no longer purchase cars online or download liveries anymore. That is until I started over - then I didn’t feel like putting another 120+ hours into it.

For as much as I’ve put into this franchise, Money and Time, I’m beyond frustrated with it.