All Pre-Order No Longer Needed!

Originally, I was offering 100,000,000 for each of the following:
2017 Aston Martin DB11 PO
2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 PO
2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO

I’ve since managed to win in the Auction House all three of the PO cars I required.

My thanks goes out to the person who offered the “Aston Martin DB11 PO” (just a shame we couldn’t arrange a convenient time).

I have them all but wouldn’t sell them for any price.


I won’t sell my PO 911, but the Camaro and Aston could be had. The PO’s, 812, and Capri FE are idiotically priced because they never trade, because they’re idiotically priced. LOL.

I would sell you a 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO

Anyone else?

PM me and we’ll sort something out.

Please don’t put in AH with minimum buyout like I saw 3 times yesterday, all of which sold in seconds before I even got a chance to buy out.

Make buyout price as high as you can go if you do put in AH…

If I win, I will see that the seller gets 100 million credits!

This is a 100% genuine offer as I have over 999,999.999 burning a hole in my pocket, waiting to be spent and the 3 legal PO cars are the only ones I don’t currently have.

I don’t know how you are going to do this. You need 3,000000000, and somebody could grab the cars first.

The Max buyouts are:

AM - 241,000
Camaro - 93,000
Porsche - 248,000

Unless you are buying from someone with legendary status, they won’t be able to list them higher than that.

Well, that’s a bit rubbish for what is in effect some of the rarest cars in the game.

I saw 3 PO Porsche with max buyout of Cr129,000 yesterday, two orange ones from the same seller within minutes of one another. :frowning:

That’s how the system works!
Just stupid to not offer a 20 Mil Buyout for Everyone.

Maybe not across the board, but certainly for super rare cars, like PO and exclusive prize cars.

Look at the C-Type Jaguar (comes with VIP Car Pass IIRC) for instance, that can be sold for 20,000,000 by anyone with no Legendary Status required (car pass owners only I guess).

Should’ve clarified what i meant by the 20 Mil buyout, thank you for getting the correct meaning out of that post.

I assumed the OP intended to buy other cars added together to make up the high price. It wouldn’t have a good chance of success anyway because in all likelihood a random player who is searching for the rare cars, as someone somewhere always is, will get it first.

I got all my PO cars very cheaply (ie. the minimum) and they were probably intended for someone else also, or they’d have at least set the max price.

It is strange and annoying that they won’t let the market decide the prices, like it should.

The auction house should just advise on the price, based on recent sales, when one puts a car up for auction.
Then however, one should be able to put a car up for any price (100 Mil for all I care).

I picked up 4 PO cars and the FE capri for less than a million total. I’m not complaining, but those are some of the rarest cars in game. they should go for many millions each.

The Advisory price system (if implemented from the beginning) could cause some problems like:

  1. Cars that have no value, despite being rare (some FE’s) getting overinflated prices by the Advisory system.
  2. PO/Rare Seasonal Cars getting undervalued, as they aren’t sold often, by the Advisory system.
  3. Really Common Cars having a 0 Advisory value, as they’re too common.
  4. Rare cars that become common later (Like a Lamborghini Centenario) going for INSANE prices.
  5. How would you even get a be all end all formula for that Advisory system?

I doubt free market will be implemented in Horizon 4, let alone an advisory system to go with it, but for fun:

Let me start with: there is no be all end all formula for this. The idea is that the system advises a price based on previous or current auctions and then the player can decide if the price is right for that car.
World of Warcraft (and some of the addons for it) uses this in the auction house. It actually works pretty well, but as with all these things, a player needs to know what they’re doing a bit at least.

The system could advise based on previous sales or on current competition

Previous sales:
The system tracks the average price (or median or whatever is a good idea) a car has been sold at over the past 100/200/1000 sales or so and suggests that as the buyout.
It could also state the maximum and minimum prices it has seen on sales so the player has some more information to base his decision on.
Players can still freely adjust if they feel the price is too high or too low.
The system could also track the prices of cars not being sold (overpriced cars) and maybe show that in some way too.

Current competition:
Player could choose to undercut the competition and get and advised price just below the lowest price of the competition.

Any car that hasn’t been on the auction house (after the implementation of the system) could have an advised price of the autoshow value.

Things like this have been done before in games, so it is not that outrageous.
And there is currently some system in place in Horizon, as the max prices do change based on sales.

It’s not actually very hard to program a perfect system.

Sorry for leeching of your topic, but I’m offering 80.000.000 credits for Ford Capri FE. It’s the only car I’m missing to complete my collection of cars that I probably won’t ever drive in the game :smiley:

Yes, but the OP’s proposal to try and avoid them being snapped up was to list them at max buyout. My point was that is still a very low figure. Of course, for cars this rare, the reality is that they would be sniped instantly even if a 20,000,000 buyout was set. Basically, this thread is all very well in theory but there is no way to guarantee safe transfer of any car so far as I’m aware - you are effectively trusting to luck that, with knowledge a car is to be listed, you are quicker than any random person trying to obtain a rare car.

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Well I guess I’ll just have to try my luck in the AH in the hope I bag one of each.

If I do manage to get the 3 cars I want, hopefully I can message the sellers of each one and try and work out a way to get them the 100,000,000 credits I have offered?

As you are unlikely to be buying them from people who have seen this thread, it would be pointless.

Anyway worry about getting the cars first, good luck :smiley: