All of my DLC ares are telling me to buy the DLC, I have ultimate edition

I have cars that I can’t even play because it wants me to buy the car pass. Issue just popped up today. I have UE. Also these are cars that I already own yet I cannot drive them due to it wanting to goto the market place.

Anyone else having this problem or is it isolated?

Xbox live is having issues with content
Check the xbox live status

Yeah, I’m having the same issue. Can’t get any of the DLC cars, even the ones I already own on my garage, even though I have the Ultimate Edition.

Never had any problems like this one before.

Has to be a new issue then.


Already submitted a ticket regarding it. Not a single one of my friends have this issue though, very strange.

Same issue here, I own ultimate edition but I am only able to use Lego Speed Champions but not Fortune Island, I tried deleting and reinstalling Fortune Island and nada it doesn’t work, I even tried to purchase it again from the ingame and It says I already own it so I figure it’s either a new issue or related with the current Xbox Live outage. Hope it gets resolved soon!

Probably xboxlive issue Xbox Support