All of my cars, DLC, spins etc are no longer showing free in my garage

A few days ago all of my cars including DLC, spins, rewards, etc, now cost CR to drive. I only drove a few cars and even those are not available to me unless I pay up. It says I own 160 cars. Nothing is showing up free anymore. I reinstalled the game and all DLC and still have the same problem. I have reached out to Microsoft support and did everything like clearing cache etc. I have yet to hear from Forza’s support and was hoping someone could advise what happened to my cars. The only cars that it will let me drive without CR are the 10 Barn finds only under the barn find tab. If I search for them in my garage tab under my cars everyone of them wants CR. Thanks in advance for the answer to this problem.

Would be nice if you could share some photos or a video that shows your garage and DLC cars.

But beside that, all I can tell you is that you only get the first DLC car for free after purchasing the pack. For example, you bought the season pass and you want the i8 Roadster. You get the first one for free, if you want more of them, you have to pay with credits.