All my cars are gone -SHOCKED !!!

hello community

since today all my cars are gone !!! my garage shows only one car (toyota tureno gt apex).

i didn’t do a reset or something like that … i don’t understand because all my laptimes in rival-mode are still saved and my carreer progress shows all the events i have allready won !

does xbox currently have any problems with the synchronisation of gamer profiles ? i thought that my cars are stored locally on storage drive because i don’t use cloud storage.

can anybody help or does someone have the same problem ? yesterday everything was working fine !

kind regards

Hi there,

Yes I think there is a problem but no one knows what the problem really is. I have a problem with the cloud storage, since last Saturday my save game is gone. The day before the game work without any problems and now it always starts from the beginning with the words “Welcome to Forza 5”.

kind regards

I’ve seen this problem pop a lot on the forums lately. I have 2 questions for you wysiwy9. Do you have your xbox set to 'resume game quickly ’ and do you go back to the home screen and select quit game before switching the xbox off?