All gone

hey all. I just loaded up FM5 to continue work on my Lotus E21. Everything appeared normal, but as I went to save a new logo, I discovered that all my 100’s logos and designs are all corrupted with a No Valid Data message. Also when I select a car from the garage I have no car images on the screen, but I can select them…please don’t tell me I’ve lost all my work. The career has however been saved.

Can you select a car, and open it to paint, and select and save logo’s from the car? Just a desperate thought…
Or even save the existing car paint with a new file name?

No option I can see will retain your shared version for credits, unless they are still out there collecting now.
Definately send a PM towards Helios and an email off to T-10, but that’s desperate in itself.

I can download my old car designs and save it. I can access that in my design catalogue, but all other spaces are filled with invalid data. My logos are not saved on storefront and cannot access them at all :frowning:

Your cars in garage don’t already have a paint on them? Oh, you did open wheelers and used same car for almost everything.
I just figured you could select a car from your garage and then open the car for painting, hopefully it has a paint on it still,and then just rename and save, or select all the logos grouped in it and save them separately. But you had a gazillion paints just for the E21, and a couple other open wheelers…
I don’t have a tenth of what you had and I’d be crushed. I hope you can recover this.

Yeh, none of my cars have paints on them…they are invisible until I paint them…Yes I’m crushed. I couldn’t/wouldn’t start over. I couldn’t face spending another 2000+ hrs again to find they wont import to FM6

Try this. Unplug ur modem then in the dashboard go to Settings > System > Clear Local Game Saves. Plug back in, Start the game back up and when it goes to sync cancel it. Then exit and start the game again. It should give u the option of loading the most recent save or an older one. Load the older one from the cloud. I have no idea if this will actually work but it was my plan if I were to have a gamesave issue.

Not sure that vinyls and designs are saved to the cloud. Not wanting to do anything until T10 respond again :frowning:

To the OP, can you please try exiting the game completely, then hard reboot your console and fire up Forza 5 again. Let us know if the problem persists.

Unfortunately it’s still the same. The cars ( whether painted or not) in my garage selection screen are invisible. They appear once again when I repaint or erase paints. I also have “invalid data” when I access my gallery too. If I could download my designs without them being locked off the storefront, I guess I could resolve the issue… Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:

Same problem

Oh yes, Xbox asked me to confirm my gamertag email and password which it never normally does. All okay in FH2.

This also happened to me. I also lost all my pictures, videos and tunes. All had blank boxes, but I kept All my money and my level. Ended up emptying my blank garage because they never came back. I’m pretty sure it happened when I was playing Forza while downloading another game. Maybe data got crossed up.