All game sounds through headset?

I got around to getting a headset sorted out but the game sounds still want to come out the TV (stereo)…which automatically mutes as soon as the headset is plugged in.

Is there a setting to direct 100% of the game to my headset and not just the chat?

The mic also has a terrible echo that could only be solved in party chat by directing all chat to headset - still echos in local chat???


EDIT: im on xbox

Plug your head set strait in to your Xbox controller and then just Mute the TV as all volume will be controlled via your Xbox controller. Its how I have mine set up. and sound is top quality doing it this way. Head Phone jack is between the hand grips. Will also improve your chat function

Is that using a headset, single speaker + mic OR using stereo headphones?

When I do the same with the standard headest (one speaker + mic) I only get chat in the headset… the game sounds such as cars etc are still to the TV.
I did a search on the net and it seems the controller detects stereo headphones and directs everything to them OR mono headset + mic and directs only chat to them.

Where is the MUTE TV setting?

Im hoping for a setting to hear all audio + chat in the headset so I can play in silence and still hear everything.
OR have all audio + chat to the TV so I can wear headphones plugged into the TV/Stereo and still use the mic on the controller

Failing this the only way i can hear it all through the earphones is to wear headphones plugged into the TV and also wear the headset for the mic and chat…seems a bit odd to have to wear 2 devices on my head to play in private…there must be an easier way?

What headphones are you using
The basic ones with mic and 1 ear are basically just for chat
You need a decent pair of game headphones if you want both game sound and chat

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Xbox All Settings/Display and Audio/ there are some settings here for head phones and speakers selection give them a try and see if they help.

I have all ways used stereo gaming head phones with the Xbox One S as it gives much better sound than with just using the TV speakers so not certain how the settings will work with a mono head set.

OK see what the problem is trying to use the Xbox provided mono head set is a lost cause and belong in the rubbish bin, there are settings in the audio options you can try set all to headphones.

But will not be very good sound wise best bet is to Buy a dedicated Gaming head set for Xbox One.
Or you can try and use the earbuds and mike you get with a mobile phone or tablet they will work but the mike is not designed for gaming and people may have trouble hearing you this all depends how good they are weather just the standrd or a good quality set. Iphone ear buds will not fit but most earbuds for andriod devices are the correct size plug.

I use the Turtle Beach EarForce 7 Pro and find it to deliver high quality sound and excelent for Chat.

Have a look on xbox store and Amazon for head phones and see what they have ther are quite a few very good sets now.
Google the ones they have and check the reviews and if any complaints befor deciding if you want to buy as they are far from cheap a decent set will cost between $100 to $200.

I use mine all the time for all movies games and any audio via the Xbox and find the audio excelent as well as a high quality mike for chat, the good thing about getting one for Xbox is you will also get the Volume and chat mixer attachment that plugs in to the controller allowing you to change the volume and chat mix with out pausing the game.

All I do is plug the headset in and then turn the TV volume down to 0 and have all sound and chat via the head phones the Mixer allows you to increase or decrease the chat volume so you can hear every one with out losing any game volume this way you can have it so you hear chat at a higher or lower volume than the game.

Thanks for that,

My plug is one of 2 options:
Headset with mic into the usb sort of plug in controller which only puts chat thru headset, so at night with tv muted i dont get any game sounds.
Other option is direct audio style plug on the controller with stereo headphones which gives all game sounds and chat but no option for a mic so i cannot communicate back.

Im still wondering if i can use the headphones without mic and use a usb wireless mic from a singing game to chat back?

Im trying to achieve 2 things:
1: There has to be a way that works to have the entire game including chat in some headphones with a way of talking back surely, the only way i have found is joining party chat, that works fine with game sounds etc…but local chat is where the fun is when in freeroam and it seems impossible to achieve both local chat and game sounds in one place with a mic to chat back with headphones to play in relative silence.

2: I would also like to direct all chat to the TV and be able to use a mic so when my partner is with me sharing the game we can both hear all chat even if i plug in a headset to chat back. Unfortunately when i plug in the headset all local chat goes to the headset and she cannot hear any of it. I only want the headset plugged in for the sake of the mic but it takes chat from the tv and leaves her in silence.

Back to the other thing, if i use a mic from a singing game can i then talk into the game and still have chat on the tv or in my headphones? this would cure both issues but i want to know it works before i purchase one.

can you post a pic of your headphones and the plugs as well
the mono head piece is useless for what you want
might just need a basic headset like this one to get what you are after, stereo headset with mic

do they even have wireless mics for the xbone, I know they did for the 360

Not what he is looking for Talby he is after a pair with a mike not just Stereo headphones

And yes they have some very good Wireless ones as well that come with a charging stand and give about 12 to 14 hours of continues use. Wired about $150 and Wireless are $200 and up for a good quality set of headphones.

The advantage of head Phones over Speakers are Privacy, price compared to a Surround sound system much better for hearing very faint in game sounds like some one sneaking up on you, blocking of background noise and Volume as loud as you wish with out the Neighbour complaining about all the gun shots and explosions going off all the time. I no longer have this last problem due to 1 neighbor being over 300 meters away and the rest over 600 meters away. But still use the Head phones as sound is so much better.

That pair does have a mic…
It’s just a cheap microsoft set though

OK now we know what you want to do and yes you can do this but you will have to buy the correct Headphones with mike for it to work.

Once you have your Gaming Headphones with mike for the Xbox One go to All settings sellect Didplay and Audio, then Sellect Sound, Then sellect chat for Head phones and Speakers this way chat and game will play through your TV speakers and the headphones at the same time.

But you will need a propper Gaming HeadSet to do this.

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Awesome, thanks guys thats exactly what i needed to know.

I made the fatal error of buying an xbox headset for my xbox assuming thats what i needed - my mistake. It was doing my head in thinking I`m stupid for not being able to make it work.

I took the matter into my own hands and cut them up - i seperated the mic, unsoldered it, bent it to a U shape with a heat gun…then soldered it directly to the circuit board, ran the cable through a tiny hole in the adapter and hot glued the mic into position on the adapter facing upward…Now i have a wireless controler with a built in mic that works really well, party chat comes out the stereo in game and the mic works - its hands free, has a mute button and does not get in the way or have to be worn on my head…the rest of it is in the bin :slight_smile:
Best bit is I play forza with my partner, she and i pass the controller back and fourth and share the driving so the headset was always a hassle, this cured it for us - if only i could get local chat to come through the TV aswell it would be perfect. For now I just unplug the adapter and remove the mic from the controller unless its a party chat, then it a quick plug in and its all good.

I will post a pic of it if someone tells me how.

I might buy a decent headset for playing in silence later, ive already spent $1000 on this game, im not sure if i will get my moneys worth from a gaming headset as im getting near the end of the game with no intentions of getting the next one…im only here for the aussie cars. After this i will most likely go back in the garage and build my real Sandman…at least I can then put wider tires on it unlike the game version :slight_smile:

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Uhh, how’d you spend $1000 on the game?

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Lol, easily.

Purchased the Xbox + game
Live gold subscription.
Varoius dlc.
Second controller with headphone jack
And the killer because i live rural I had to cancel 2 phone contracts at a cost of $450 just so i could sign up for 30gb data plans to support the required downloads to play.
Total is just over 1k AU plus onging expenses of $10gb each time they force an update on me so i can keep playing

I think the hotwheels expansion plus update put my internet over by $50 on top of the expansion price…all that for just an E49 charger, never played the expansion - most likely never will.

So i spent over 1k toplay this as my first and only ever game just because I am a car enthusiest with a interest in the Holden Sandman,I have it in RL, i buy most things related to it…tshirts…coffee cups…etc, so of course im going to buy this :slight_smile:

Which is why i mentioned the skinny tires for that car, since its the only reason im here I wish it had some rubber under it so I could use it as my main car. Max width is only 215mm :frowning: