All current season bugs reported so far

Treasure Hunts:

Three-starring any trail blazer: Not triggering.

Photo of Diablo SV at Mugele Christmas Market: Not triggering.


Some of the task Accolades are displaying incorrect labels. For example: Mazda of All Trades Accolade: Pinned task says has items “Discover the Mugele Holiday Market 0/25” as you’re supposed to discover it 25 times… but it actually means “Smash 25 Candy Canes” according to the Accolade menu.


Horizon Tour is already achieved, but 3 points have not been added to your season total.

I have reported all of these via support. Suggest you all do too if you want to try and 100% this series.

Any others?

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The Diablo triggered for me on second attempt, I was to the West of the square with the market and it was quite a wide angle shot, might make no difference but there was a random player in shot too.

Appreciate you logging them, I’m personally not going to add my own as most of my tickets have been closed as known issues. I’m sure your not the only one that’s logged these alrwady!

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that mazda accolade

no trees are counting
no candy canes are counting

i have 6 snowman tallied

B700 series races won 3/3 stock B WRX ‘11. Nothing. No #14 Fiesta nada.
Took same Diablo pic twice, triggered second try.

It’s like “what fresh hell awaits us today?”
And you get to spend big money on tunes for cars you’ll never touch again. 175 in a 240SX. Handy, never.

Everyone preordering FM and FH6? Maybe they’ll add makeup and sudoku.

Can we apply the make up whilst playing sudoku? If so, shut up and take my money.

If they come out before my Gamepass expires I can say I won’t getting VIP this time I’ll just play whatever is there, if they come out after then I can’t say for certain I’ll even still have GP as this was the first big game on it for me and its launch state is awful.

As soon as I launched in the new season and left the house, the Horizon Tour challenge immediately triggered as being completed !!
I had no issue completing the daily or weekly challenge.
But thererafter, starting ANY challenge just causes the game to instantly crash and quit! This is madness. I simply can’t play the game now. (PC, Win10, i7, RTX2070 Super).
Despite how shockingly awful this game is, I didn’t expect to actually get WORSE with new seasons! Furious.

Please submit a ticket if to Forza Support if you have not already, and use an existing thread for discussion.

For now the only bugged for me is the treasure hunt and the Mazda snowmen accolade. Crushed 6 snowmen and reseted.

I think the Lamborghini Diablo picture needs a certain angle, maybe a certain part of the Holiday market to trigger…it took me 3 car repositions and about 10 tried to get it to trigger