I know the game isn’t suppose to just give me 1st place in races but damn. The AI is horrific. Even when its raining these things are glued to the road. They are so stuck to road you can’t even push them slightly, in fact they push you no matter how hard you try to counter steer. Also, there is always that OP car that always pulls ahead. I think sometimes it has to do with the fact that friends cars are also put into your single player races, and sometimes the friends I have tune their car for speed and a little handling which makes it impossible to get 1st place sometimes cause they will zoom right by with no mercy. I’ve seen Audi R8’s fly by me turning at 200+ miles an hour while I have to brake, and constantly correct that car because the turn keeps getting sharper. The AI has no issues. After all these updates Turn10 pushed you’d think they fix it.

At this point it’s never going to be fixed. No doubt someone will tell you that you don’t need to win to progress but that’s not the point. The game is broken and has been since release. The devs know this and if they haven’t fixed it by now it’s never going to happen.

Yes, drivatars are the biggest issue this game has gameplay wise. It is a rather cheap/unfair way to make the game feel challenging (same crap is happening in almost all difficulty levels). The “funny” thing is that it is not just the game physics that is totally different on them, but they also blatantly cheat by not going through checkpoints or they just decide to skip part of the track (there are some very strange things happening at the beach area, where the ship wrecks are, during the circuit races). Same attitude is also used with traffic, where cars slow down or speed up according to your car speed and trajectory so that the probability of you crashing into them would be the highest. I really hope they either fix the drivatars or completely remove them from the future releases (and bring back the “regular” AI that has been absent since FM5).