AI zig zagging side to side to block players

In this week’s trial I saw an AI by itself just zig zag going side to side which ended up blocking players trying to pass. I figured it was a one off until I witnessed it again and again…


Indeed, I got knocked off the track twice, I guess the AI are learning from the rail riders / rammers.


It’s just embarrassing… Like literally zig zaging, side to side in anticipation to block anyone that may try to pass.

Yes, happens everywhere. Its usual behaviour of the AI in the game.

But honestly it doesnt bother me. The AI usually only does some small zig zagging but if you are a decent drive it shouldnt bother you at all.
The problem are human rammers. Idiots who dont know how to even drive and they need to ramm everything to get ahead. Sadly the game is going in a spiral that in a couple of weeks im done lol.

In this Week trial, that was my major issue. Driving along perfectly, passing AI, reached 1st for some idiot in Nomad comes flying into a corner rams me and we ended up losing 1st, 2nd and 3rd because he got tangled with me.

Then to add insult to injury “see you at finish line” - what’s the point?!? Idiot.


In regards to AI zigzagging, I’ve had this to many times to count, or a few AI that have great skill in blocking you from passing. They stick to your front bumper like glue, no matter how hard you try to shake them, they do a great jump at slowing you down to a snails pace.

The AI in this game gets worse each and every day, I’m no longer shocked at their abilities.

If you use autosteer your car zig zags trying to find the line, they might be trying to find their line.

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My last run through the Trial I was running 3rd on Montana Trail directly behind an AI. It went to the left so I started to pass on the right. Just in time I hit the brakes as it made a 90-degree right turn. Instead of knocking me off course, it went flying which allowed the team to finish 1, 2, 3.

But I haven’t seen any AI intentionally pass-blocking like you mentioned. I’ve seen teammates doing that when I am the closest one behind them (sometimes to the detriment of the team because I could move up and pass some AI if they would just let me pass them).

Hmm you may have a point. I’ve heard some people complain of a bug where they queue for the trial and end up on the same team as the AI. I wonder if this is what happened in my case. I mean it was ridiculous how much they were zig zaging. In fact the more I think about it the more I’m convinced this is what happened.

I saw this behaviour at the AI several times in FH4 as well as in FH5, and as these car just waving from one to the other side without even doing the slightest steering attempt I would think it could be a server connection speed issue. Just like some human player cars jumping from side to side when their internet speed is to slow or they are close do disconnection at all…


yes, I have this happen almost every damn trial, the AI see you’ve got a better launch and kamikaze themselves directly left or right in a bid to take you out.

Doesn’t help that their mass triples when they do this too, so if they react quickly enough: good luck making that checkpoint.

Fortunately, they’ve never completely taken me out, only minor hindrance because I can normally see it coming from a mile away.

The zig zag is good. You can use it for easy AI overtakes. Mansell’s trick works even on the straights.

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Funnily enough there is an S2 trial in fh4 this week and i saw exactly this behaviour in the ai there. 1st 4 drivatars getting away at start, teammate and me chasing ,4th drivatar starts weaving for no reason and takes out teammate and holds me up long enough for front 3 to be long gone.Can’t say i’ve seen it in fh5 …yet

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What’s even worse is when you win the race, clearly beating the AI by at least 1 full second and they decided you didn’t win at all… First attempt at the Trial we smoked the AI in the first race. Second race was a bit closer, we needed the win to break the tie.
I worked my way past the wonky AI that was desperately holding off my teammate and took the lead. Clearly won the race, even got an accolade for winning a race with the settings on unbeatable. Game scored me in 2nd place and gave the win to the AI.
3rd race, for what ever reason, the rest of my team could not pass a single AI driver. Took 4 attempts to complete the trial, Rammers, cheating AI and butt hurt teammates are the main reasons. The one where my team won was just me and another player, the rest quit, which allowed us to win because I was in first and desperately fighting to keep the AI from ramming me in the corners.

This shouldnt bother anyone with basic driving skills lol. That zig zag as you call it is pretty small, is not a kamikaze movement as some called it. In fact this is better because just pressing breaks slightly you can over pass the AI so easy that makes me wonder if this couldnt be considering even “cheating” LOL.

I dont know. If people cant take a little shake here and there from the AI they better stop playing racing games. Ramming teammates is something to consider, ramming from the AI? its just a joke. Move on and live with it.

You missed the whole point of this thread. It’s not solely about how dirty the AI drive but how ridiculous the AI is driving and how bad it makes this game look and how they need to fix this for their own sake. But thanks again for yet another unconstructive comment.

Works both ways. A little zigzag is a great way to block and put a temporary kibash on a surging line of AI. They tend to stay in formation rather than break out for one or more to exploit a hole. In my experience, anyway.

Happens basically every Trial, and happened in FH4 too. Might have something to do with the AI trying to react to multiple human drivers at the same time, it seems to happen most about ~10 seconds in to the race when the human drivers at the back of the pack are making their way through a cluster of AI cars.

What I find funnier is when offline (can be Life or Solo, just not MP/Tour/Trial) and you hit Rewind when the AI is bunched together but also scattered across the width of the track, time it just right and they all go haywire trying to suddenly pull back in to formation, often allowing you to pass with ease