AI Traffic Behavior

Is it just me or does the AI traffic have it out to get you and ruin your streak? Drivatanks are also an issue but I mean the regular traffic that is present even in online freeroam. The issue about traffic density getting worse the longer you spend in one area has already been addressed. But what I’m talking about is how they behave while driving. I have on many occasions passing through intersections noticed they speed up to get in front of you. I’ve also noticed they intentionally stop for longer before turning at intersections than they normally would if you’re coming up behind them, or start turning when you switch lanes to avoid them. Head on collisions have been an issue even in FH2, but I have gotten used to the idea that its all on me to get out of the way because all the traffic will do is flash their headlights and come to a halt, which is really stupid but you get used to it.
I think the traffic AI is really dumbed down to be less intensive on processing power, but it gets a little ridiculous sometimes how they behave combined with the density. I’m not asking for improvement to the AI (although it would be nice) and I get that the traffic is there for immersion, but I would love an option for removing traffic from at least private sessions so I can get the most out of drifting around the streets, or maybe something to control density like the time/weather system. Its no wonder the majority of the drift community sticks to that boring parking lot in Surfer’s Paradise. But I want to utilize more of the map than just a little parking lot to do some clean drifts.

Have any of you noticed similar weird behavior in the traffic AI? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

Quite a number of threads on this topic

You CAN do private online so that no drivatars are there
Just some regular street traffic…not alot either

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Gee what informative and constructive feedback. Its not like I’m not allowed to throw in my two cents just because there are other topics about drivatars or AI behavior. I haven’t seen threads about the exact issue I’m addressing either. I already know both of those things, in fact I mentioned private sessions. But I wasn’t referring to the drivatars if you took the time to actually read what I said instead of dismissing it as “just another complaint topic”. Even in private sessions the traffic does the stupid stuff I mentioned.
Pretty sure HOONIGANGANGSTER has something figured out, it definitely does have something to do with having a high skill streak. Its always when I have well over 100000 x6 that I notice they start going out of their way to hit you or get in your way and ruin the streak.

In my experience the AI drivers (NOT drivatars mind you) will begin to do things they wouldn’t normally do when your skill score gets above 100,000X6 or so. They will actually park on the highway, or pull out in front of you. Even change lanes one way then back again, plowing right into you.


Not sure if score means anything but they do switch lanes back and forth like crazy.

While trying to complete the Willy’s Jeep challenge, I had multiple cars stop, randomly swerve into my lane, etc on a road with no side roads. It started becoming quite annoying.

I’ve noticed this as well. Mainly when I’m doing campaign street races as they love to switch lanes at the last minute

I’ve noticed when driving along at a similar speed to the NPC cars then they are much easier to predict like going along the highway at 100 mph they always move to the left if you are in the right hand lane but as soon as you start trying to drive beyond 150 mph and getting skill chains their moves can’t be predicted as easily which is probably because the game cannot process both the physics for 150mph+ driving with skill chains plus processing how the AI react to the player and drivertar cars, as you will notice the NPCs cause as many problems with the drivertars as they do players, presumably because above a certain speed they just cannot predict what the player/drivertar will do so end up doing crazy things.

AI cars are a bane in most driving games. GTA is another example where they randomly change lanes for no reason, pull out on you etc. It is very annoying! However, the game would really suck if there were just empty roads without traffic so I do appreciate them being there, but I agree their awareness does appear to be fairly dumb.

I can’t say I’ve had a major problem when on a decent score streak, mainly because I end up doing most high streaks away from the roads or in a field away from traffic and kamikaze drivatars.

Drivatars in races are another pain when on score streaks - lost no end of high ones because a car decides to plow into me as I break for a corner - can’t see why I lose my streak because of that, wasn’t my fault!

In addition to all that, I think the traffic should veer out of the way more often when ever they see some million dollar sports car coming straight at them instead of just stopping the car in the middle of the road. If I was an AI driver I sure as hell wouldn’t just come to a stop if i see a 2017 ford GT coming at me going 200+ mph

Whatever you do, don’t build a 300mph jaguar. The traffic will see to it that you never hit 300mph, I hit 299 once and got run off the highway by a bus lol.

Yesterday by accident I came into a situation that I had ZERO traffic at all. What I did; I was driving in a private online freeroam session. I than found a barn find and after the video of the barn find - still in private online - did a fast travel to the highway. After this NO TRAFFIC. Driving a Lambo Aventador I thought it was a good time to do some speed cams that where still 1 or 2 stars.

I did not try to replicate this glitch (yet). I still have some barn finds left to do, so the next days I will try if it works constantly or if it was just a one time occassion.

And coming back to the discussion. Yes, the AI behaviour of the drivatar cars is ridicilous. That is why 80% of the time I drive in a private online session.

Well the next horizon is going to be in Russia, obviously they have the traffic Ai in progress. Seems to be working just like the dash cam vida I see from there all the time

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It would help if they all drove in the correct lane for starters…

I’m not sure the devs understand driving on the left… admittedly driving on the left is a departure from most driving games…