AI still terrible after 15 months

I have been playing for quite some time from back in the days of the original Forza and to be honest the AI with regards to other cars on the track seems to still be the same

  1. When cars in front of you spin off they pull back on to the track in front of oncoming traffic. This will not happen on a proper racetrack
  2. When lapping cars they hog the racing line, in real racing they are required to let you through
  3. Where’s the blue flag?
  4. When lapping cars they will turn in to you
  5. When coming up to lap a car it will suddenly brake hard when you’re in the slipstream even if there is no corner ahead

Are any of these issues being addressed?


So far as I know they work on a new AI System. But you criticism is pointless. Because you wrote not where this issues are. Offline…multiplayer?? When youre really interested in improvement, than you must give exact details. Which cars, which track, gamemode.
Otherwise it’s pointless and nobody take you serious. At the moment nobody knows in which direction FM going. More Sim…More casual. More Motorsport. At the moment FM is still driving game even if you have a lot of racecars. So long turn 10 stay on this path such things like Flagsysten, realistic pitstops are maybe not on the priority list. But if the closing the eyes from games like GT Sport and even pcars2 they will maybe land very hard with fm8.
They make a lot of things right, but that does not change the fact that people expect more deepness when it comes to racing.

Oh come on, let’s not try and be nasty for no reason. I couldn’t find an exact requirement for submitting a proper issue log, please point me to where this is or your criticism of my post is useless. It’s simple questions that require simple answers.

All cars, all tracks, career mode

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Im guessing you dont play much multiplayer
You get all that and more
Real people play worse than any AI

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No harm in asking for AI improvements though.

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I dont have any issues with the AI though
I dont have the issues that the OP mentions either
Maybe he should change his settings and turn aggressive on or off and see if it helps

I would 200% rather play against the AI than real people online since they are 400% worse


I don’t think lapped cars in FM let other cars through.

I’d much rather play against the AI as well, at least you have some idea what to expect.

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That’s exactly why I DON’T play multiplayer

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Real people can be worse than AI, yes, ONLY because we spend more time fighting to place our cars than memorizing braking zones or optimizing the apex before the front straight, for example. I can handle bad AI, or sloppy driving experience. Not both.

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I have the same issues with all racing modes. Even with limited aggression on the ai blocks, hits you or multiple AI gang up to ram you. I feel like I’m in some childish multiplayer lobby This needs to be fixed…

Turn limit aggression off
For some reason it’s reversed lol

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I agree - AI is not impressive at all. On the hardest difficulty setting, they ram into you to push you out of the way - but most annoying of all: odd braking points. They literally ruin your racing line by braking around points that need no braking, for no reason at all!

Braking when they don’t need to is the absolute worst. The “racing line” they take often covers about 2 carwidths of effective track space that I’d expect 2 human drivers to be able to share, if they wanted to. These, along with self-inflicted turn-1 pileups, combine to make it feel like the AI do everything possible to prevent the player from passing 11 of them in 2-3 laps.

Real people do not play worse than AI. Real people play worse than AI when there’s no structure for competition. There are hundreds of hours of SUPER GT playing GTsport on YouTube, and nobody slams into him, or cuts him off, etc. You very rarely find turn 1 wrecking ball’s or pile ups. This is because there’s a competitive structure built into the game. If you do stupid stuff, you will lose the race regardless. It doesn’t matter what time you cross the finish line. If you smash into 12 cars doing it, you will get penalized. Forza has always struggled with this, and it drives people to play single player. Only to find out, the AI in singleplayer does the same crap. The AI in forza 7 have absolutely no awareness of your car. They will run you off the road, smash into you and cut you off, SLAM ON THE BRAKES IN FRONT OF YOU FOR NO REASON. It’s like they’re on a track, and don’t know you’re coming. I’ve tried to shoot up gaps with the AI, and they just run me off the road, it’s insane. This is with aggression turned all the way down. The AI in this game is horrible, and the competitive aspect to multiplayer is absent. That’s the real problem.

When you don’t have this competitive structure built in, with penalties, what you get is a culmination of unsportsmanlike playing, anti-competitive strategies, and trolling. Why? Because they can get away with it and still win races. If people could rob banks instead of working, they would also do it, if they could get away with it. This is 100% on the developers. They know full well they have complete control over this medium. In my opinion, they struggle with fixing this, because they know younger kids have trouble in competitive environments, and often times give up and move on. My advice to the developers is, stop being cowards. If your game is competitive and fun, word of mouth will drive the sales, and kids will learn it because their friends are playing it. There are tons of hard games with large player counts, because they don’t compromise here. Build a good game, and it wont matter if it’s challenging. Build a bad game, and every obstacle or annoyance steers people away.


This is the reason that I do not play multiplayer. I don’t even waste my time in the League’s unless it’s a ghost race. I love collecting cars but have lost out on some because I refuse to play against people that crash continuously. League system is an attempt but they need a significant penalty system to really make things work. That’s why products like iRacing have been excelling in gaining fans continuously: because they have not only a license system that you have to build up to higher license to even race against other people with higher class cars, but they have a penalty system that is strictly enforced. And also built into each race if you cut corners you have to slow down to make up the time. Adding these systems would make a huge difference, and make online playable.

I just completed race 5 of the GT Racing Reborn series in career mode. The AI were brutal (and I don’t mean they were very difficult or competitive). I don’t think I’ve ever had a single-player race with so many collisions and bad driving.

I generally don’t have a huge problem with the Drivatars. Sure they do some dumb stuff every once and a while (which have all been mentioned here and many, many times before). But this race was total carnage from start to finish. In 10 laps, I must have been hit from the side over a dozen times. I also got pitted a few times, squeezed off the track, and of course the random brake checks and absurd racing lines.

I mean… I have issue with Drivatars stopping dead in their tracks on any sharp turns.

This issue has been plaguing me for a long time now and seems like I am alone on this…

Basically on Le Mans, Rio, Daytona, Nurgburgring, and pretty much every track that has sharp first turn… Ai clogs up entire first turn, causing field to slow to a crawl, constnatly pressing brakes, together with the “danger ahead”. They even reverse as seen on the gif above. I tried creating new profile with save wipe but nothing seems to work… I don’t know how to fix it, only disabling collissions between Ai cars seem to solve this issue for me. Turn 10 refuses to acknowledge this issue, they never got back to me after I’ve sent them lenghty explanation. This happens in the Free Play.

Does anyone know why this happens? It’s ruining the entire game experience for me, this issue alone has made me stop playing this game alltogether just because it’s agitating that Ai stops before 1st turn and makes me slam brakes, often rear ending entire field…

I’ve had to restart races multiple times because the turn-one pileup the AI cause without any help from me, costs too much time to make my way up to 1st place in standard length races. It’s infuriating the lead 3 cars drive normally, and the rest seem to be focused on blocking the player from passing by cornering at 8/10ths, braking erratically, etc. Generally being rigid-thinking, soulless obstacles.

Unrelated, I’m sick of the creepy narrator. All of the ambient noises and chatter pre-race. The drivers, swaying and shaking their arms out like they’re missing their “medications”. I will play almost anything with cars, especially if it has meaningful tuning. FM7, I can’t. FM4 was 6.5/10 to me, which, without alternatives was good enough. FM7 is around a 4/10, full experience. Forgot to mention, the eye adaptation is OP and even with my monitor gamma set to around 2.0 much of the scene is practically black 99% of the time. If I only played FM I wouldn’t notice. The only thing I wish FH4 had from FM7 was revised rear downforce ranges. Everything else is worse. The AI is about the same, but their pathing is even worse, slowing even the leading 3 on many tracks.

Still better than playing online against other real people
You know they are doing it deliberately

For me the AI drives just like the online players. Like a bunch of 10 year olds that want to play Wreckfest. It’s one of the main things keeping it from being a really great racing game and keeping it in the arcade category. You can’t control the maturity level of the people buying the game but they could fix the AI so at least we could have a good single player racing experience. Luckily there are many other PC options for people that want good racing. Funny how the AI in almost any other racing game seems great but Turn 10 just can’t seem to get it right. Maybe the company name represents the fact that they decided to give 10 year olds a “turn” at designing the AI. lol