AI is terrible and so I am I

how is this considered unbeatable ? I mean I guess I could see coming from xbox where everybody is bad but sheesh I literally don’t even own a xbox and have played a forza game exactly 4 times prior to apex
this is just a quick test vid ignore the music and sub par quality
also lambo drifting because why not …

Don’t know about the AI being terrible but the sound was. lol. You need to work on your levels dude!
As for unbeatable, well for one if it really was where would be the fun in that? You’d literally never win. Secondly there seems to be a lot more grip in the PC version of Forza for some reason. It seems a lot grippier which helps a lot. Thirdly, it may get harder as they build up more Drivatar data for PC with more of your actual laps etc. What I found on Forza 6 on the Xbox was that as the game matured the Drivatars actually adjusted as it got more data from my driving not from other people’s. What I mean is that it can’t judge what is unbeatable for you until it knows how well/fast/smoothly you drive.
It could be just that.

Also how is everyone on console “bad”? I’ve been playing PC and home computers/consoles since the start of the 80’s and have never seen one group as worse than the other. For me it’s always been PC is strategy and mmo oriented, and console is platform/shooter oriented. But with everything being on all formats one way or another eventually.

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the AI just seems either horribly slow or speed-cheat fast
and once you pass them they either give up or ram you into a wall
and irrc the drivertar data is taken directly from FM6 on the xbox
as for the audio as I said it was just a spur of the moment test I didn’t bypass my eq/mixer so its probly a bassy and muffled depending on your setup
also never miss a opportunity to poke fun at console users

By all means; for them Forza might have never grown to such a big game / franchise / success / disaster (where applicable).

But hey, if you’re that good at this game and certainly more than capable to beat the hardest AI, why not give the final product a go? There are hundreds/thousands of Forza-racers longing for more & good & clean competition on the Leaderboards (eventually) and the online races (eventually).

because I don’t wanna spend ~300 bucks on inferior hardware and pay for a subscription to play one or two games
not when I have better alternatives such as asseto corsa or p.c.a.r.s
also I freely admit I suck at racing games I don’t own a wheel and I have the real thing anyway so mehhh

Obviously you’re misunderstanding me. You played Apex on a PC and stated the AI was bad / not fast enough / whatever. As you may well know/read, Apex won’t be released on the One, afaik. So my statement was that you continue to race Apex on your mighty PC and measure your extreme skills against other players on the PC.

Whatever floats your boat though; if you fancy other games that are better and wanna base your skills/topic on a beta-product, that is fine with me as well.

game isn’t gonna have real time multiplayer
and racing AI is stupid, AI is stupid
hopefully we will get forza 7 if not O well

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I found the AI you were driving against to be pretty bad really as though the game didn’t acknowledge the AI difficulty change. On higher difficulties I’ve found it rare if ever for opponents cars to crash the way they did in your video, also for some reason your hurracan seems to brake nearly 3x faster than my one, have you put a custom setup on your car?

Yeah the AI doesn’t seem particularly fast. I’m in no way a very fast driver (mostly because I’m inconsistent) but while I usually find a healthy challenge fighting the Pro AI, the last Spotlight Challenge with the Mustang on Rio was a piece of cake even on Unbeatable. Managed to breeze through half the field before the first braking zone, and got past the “hare” (you know, that one driver that gets away on the first lap while you’re busy getting past the moving roadblocks, something that was very annoying in GRID 2) on the second lap.

Perhaps it’s just a result of this track/car combination, as the AI seemed to brake on the pit straight for no apparent reason and be otherwise useless at negotiating the tire chicane, but this was really surprising. I can’t say I was expecting Forza to give me an unbeatable challenge but this is a bit too easy. Or maybe it’s just because of the car performance difference, I used to have trouble beating the LMP1 @ Sebring Night Spotlight from two weeks ago using the 908, but getting two more medals and unlocking the R18 made it easy as pie. Even with my terrible starts the car would just keep accelerating while the 908 required care and, dare I say it, skill. I got the same vibe off the Mach 1 Mustang, very undramatic to drive despite the reputation these cars have. A bit of wheelspin off the line and very manageable rear end kicks upon applying throttle when exiting corners but incredibly manageable.

It’s a bug. Set AI to easy before entering event (e.g. in a previous event), then when you enter event change it to impossible. AI drivers will remain easy but you will get +70% reward as with hardest setting.
For me it always happens, at least in latest events.
So if you want fair challenge re-enter race from main menu after changing the difficulty.