AI in this game still terrible

The AI in this game is still bad. I have a bunch of videos still showing cars just not even trying to get on the track. After they go off they come on so wildly they fly across the track taking out other racers and fly right off the other side. Now it seems the AI just seems to go full stupid whenever you get near them. Here is how it works. When you can’t see them because they are so far ahead they do good because they “pretend” to race. They merely have to be a dot on the map. As soon as you see them they can’t stop hitting the breaks a million times into a turn and I know this is the effect because all the cars in front of them get further ahead as all the cars behind you catch up because you can’t get around how stupid they are racing. So something obviously happens when you get near them.

This is the way I beat Long Beach now without touching any other car. Set the difficulty to average and let every car get way ahead of you as you stay stopped at the start of the race. Then proceed to race as the AI sucks through the hairpin turns. Because honestly they didn’t fix anything when it comes to this track.

Also why is it that you can’t ease on the gas in this series? I set all the dead zones to 0 and it seems everything is always a violent start. Like no movement, no movement, suddenly burst of speed. I know in real life all you have to do is let of the brake to have a car start moving but that doesn’t happen in this game. And LMP1 cars always seem to stall and die at the beginning of the race.

Honestly when Project Cars comes out at the end of this year there may be no reason to play anything in this series again. Turn10 will be playing catchup on a series that will release their first game which is kinda just sad. If anyone wanted more in depth racing look no further than this game. This game you will be able to have very in depth pit stops and actual long races. I mean I don’t know where Turn10 is headed but you know what happened to Nintendo when they started pandering to non gamers. No one bought their lame system. Guess what happens when you start pandering to the general public and non racers, real racers are going to go elsewhere and the people who still barely care about racing still aren’t going to buy games in this series. It’s just a super stupid move.


what happened when nintendo pandered to non gamers?

The Wii outsold both the 360 and PS3.

Unfortunately, Forza is not the wii, nor does it have the mass market appeal. It is a niche game that has been watered down to “Turn car lovers into gamers”. They dont need to care when they continue to water down and sell more then the previous version. Sure this hurts the core fans of the game, and eventually they move on to find what they are after. This is what T10 wants, its by design.

Yeah and then look how the WiiU sold. That is what I am referring too. You can only get away with it once after people learn not to buy it.

Edit: Also how many of Forza 5 sales were because it was given away with the console? I know I got the game for “free” bundled with the console and I know a lot of people who played it that were not Forza fans and didn’t seem to be that excited about it.

It outsold in console terms, but not in developer or publisher terms. Casual gamers don’t buy a lot of games, hence the word CASUAL.

I can speak for myself and to me Turn 10 has sold out and become a Casual game maker. I have already said I am not going to buy another Forza Game, cause if I want casual there are more fun choices out there. It is a shame too. Turn 10 and MS could have taking both markets. The casual and SIM. They had FM (Forza Motorsports) for the SIM people and FH (Forza Horizon) for the casual and people who love racing game would have bought both. Now FH is the only one to buy, FM is over.

I have actually had more fun playing GRID 2 over FM5 and that hurts to say, since I have been a FM fan since the 1st one. If the new GRID Autosports game would have been on the XB1 or PS4 I would be playing that. T10 took all the good out of FM5.

Harold Camping tried to predict the future, once.

Yes this is why I said MAY and not WILL. I can’t know how a game will be like before I play it, but from what they have been putting out on their site as for what you can do it looks promising. And don’t forget either, they will always have PC to work with. Forza is always going to be limited to whatever console is out.

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So, if you don’t mind my asking, what are you trying to accomplish with this post?

Look let’s no kid ourselves here Project Cars will destroy this game for the SERIOUS racer. Hey I love the Forza Series and I imagine SIX will be awesome with it’s weather and night racing BUT like the point with the WiiU will it be to late!!! So you ask what the point of this post. Well that’s simple for people like me and some others it just needs a few tweeks in the right direction. PLEASE don’t say cos it was built from the ground up when we still have things like the Turbo glitch. This said yea I still love the game.

6 might not even have night racing or weather lol it isn’t confirmed.

Hmm. The AI are only bad on Long Beach for me. They’ve been tame on every other track.

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From the way the Drivatars have improved compared to how they were launch on the tracks that were in the game then, I’m sure after a while they’ll get better at Long Beach too. The patch might have given them some new behaviour criteria, but their racing is still based on the player-base as a whole. It’s probably something of a compound effect, since the Drivatars are learning from people who are compromising their lines to avoid Drivatars. When that mean point comes where people can run clean races on Long Beach most of the time, they should improve more noticeably.

I agree.

Agree. That’s the only track I still have problems with.

The drivatars are a lot better now. Especially on unbeatable. Even on average, they are a lot better. Of course that one turn at carousel on LB, they still stink. But otherwise, they are way better. I have had great races now with them.

Although, I’m super stocked for Project Cars. I’m ready for a hardcore racing sim! Over time my racing taste has changed! On NES it was Rad Racer & RC Pro Am. On Super Nintendo it was Test Drive 2. Next up, Mario Kart (or Diddy Kong Racing, can’t remember) on N64. Then it was NFS, NFS Hot Purauit, NFS High Stakes & GT 1 on PS1. Follwed by Sega GT & Metropolis Street Racer on Dreamcast. Now let’s move to the Microsoft brand console to finish.

When I bought my original Xbox 2 days after launch, did I buy Halo? Nope, I bought Project Gotham racing! 2 years later I bought Midtown Madness 3 & PGR 2. The Next year Forza 1. Some point I bought RalliSport Challenge 1 & 2 on Xbox as well. On Xbox 360, the first game I bought was Test Drive Unlimited. Then when I bought sorry MS wheel, I got PGR 3 for free. Then I got FM 2, which I never really liked. That was followed by FM3 which I loved. Followed by FM4 which I loved. I got PGR 4, but hated it. Motorcycles was a bad idea with cars imho. The last racing game I bought for 360 was that train wreck TDU2, smh. Launch day for Xbox One. I get FM5 of course. Now I absolutely loved everything about FM5 at launch & everything since then as well. Only thing I didn’t like was no weather & day/night transition.

Of course on all those consoles, I had lots of other types of games. Just pointing out my racing taste over the decades.

I’ve been paying attention to certain PC games like iRacing & Assetto Corsa. Never played them, but they are for hardcore sim racers. With race bred cars that don’t have silly parts upgrading. So I’m extremely excited for Project Cars. Do I care that at launch there are less than 75 cars? Nope! I want a hardcore sim game with nothing but true race cars, nascar & 2 types of Karts. I truly won’t miss most types of cars in FM. I want a game with 55 different real world track locations. I want weather & day/night transition. I want world class physics. I want a game where the only upgrade option is tire compound. I want a game with more in depth tuning of the cars handling.

Once Project Cars comes out, I’ll probably be done with FM in all likelihood. Even if FM 6 has weather & day/night transition. I’m just getting to the point where I want to go hardcore for my racing on a console. Here’s to hoping that Project Cars delivers (I think it absolutely will) & that it sells well enough for a sequel in 2-3 years.

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Holy cow gangrel, you have an impeccable memory!

That being said, they told us they were improving AI but I still see some of the same things. I’m sure my drivatar drives like an @**hole because I get tired of getting ran off the track when I clearly have the line. But I digress, I have seen a couple changes in the way they handle themselves upon re-entry and I have seen times where there are no changes whatsoever. I love playing Forza. When I bought the first one and a racing wheel, I knew it would be a game I play for a long long time. If PS had the achievement system (points not trophies) I would probably play it, and I may buy one when GT6 comes out on the new system (because their physics engine is much closer to reality.) But for now, Forza’s physics trump all other games for me.

GT6 is out on the old system. It will be GT7 on the PS4. I don’t know about their physics system being closer to reality though. Its a matter of opinion and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I sold my PS3 and GT6 becuase of the unadressed issues in that game as well as the failure to deliver on many of the advertised features. Gran Turismo certainly has it’s good points (weather, night/day transitions, animated pit stops, etc…) but it has tons of stikes against it as well. (sounds, major bugs, no livery editor, low quality standard cars, and on and on…)

After playing both, I can agree that Forza trumps the GT series.

I was reading some articles on Project Cars today and on a downside note it looks like they are trying to appeal to all gamers, from hardcore sim, to arcade racers to kiddy mario car gamers. Now to me I think this is a bad idea, i’d rather a game pick their target audience and stick to it so they can fully concentrate on getting it right. Once you start to try and appeal to everyone your going to create more problems and let downs. And as this will be their first release they maybe biting off more than they can chew.

Sure the recent trailor looks good, but it looks nothing better (or worse) than Forza, ok it has weather and time of day settings which looks good, but no one has played it yet, lets not all start praising a game and stating its going to knock Forza out of the water when no ones tried it yet. And people are moaning about Forza’s car count, then 75 cars is a massive drop compared to Forza’s launch of 200+ cars, and going by the trailor, apart from karts (and the Ferrari F138 F1 car) , most of the cars I noticed are all on Forza anyway.

I’m looking forward to Project Cars too, but its not going to replace Forza, I’ll still be using Forza as my main racing game, and knowing that Project Cars is their first go at this series, I’m not expecting too much. I feel there are going to be a lot of dissapointed people when that comes out who will all be running back to Forza.

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just want to point out we are not talking about AI anymore. Maybe this discussion should be moved to an appropriate thread?

Regarding the AI - I ran a few races in a public F1 hopper the other night and found the drivers (apart from my friends in the lobby) drove just as bad and possibly worse then the drivitars I run accross. There were a few intentianal bashers but most others (including myself) just weren’t that good. Almost everyone would brake too early into the turns for F1 cars and cause a massive pile up. Others would try to late brake up the inside - but not in time - taking out cars in front.

The point of the drivitars was to produce AI opponents that would behave like human online opponents. I think they’ve pulled this off perfectly - too perfectly.

I get mad at the way the way racing plays out. I have had more weird stuff happen in R class than anything else. I was at Sebring and a Bugatti SS is somehow the lead car which is a load of BS and I couldn’t understand it (and it had a sizeable lead too due to being stuck behind the other cars). Anyway I’m yelling at how this seemed unlikely while using an entire clean lap with no one around me to catch up to it and when I mean catch up to it I mean get within viewing distance. As soon as I get close enough the car just drives straight off the track not even trying to turn and I got this on my DVR. Like I knew it wasn’t believable and when the game had to start driving it because you could actually see it, it immediately screws up. Those Venoms cause a multitude of crashes as well that I have on DVR.

But this is what I am getting at. I will get stuck behind cars that ONLY start driving terribly as you get near them slowing themselves and you down. I see it as the first place car gets a sizeable lead and everyone I just blew away behind me catch all the way back up.

At long beach stay behind and drive slowly up to the cars on the first hairpin turn. They will all drive perfectly and not crash when you weren’t there, but if you drive with them and have to slow down as they do in that first hairpin they all crash into the back of you. I don’t get it.


Answer this: Is it better than online drivers?
My experience is that they are both the same. That’s pretty accurate in my book.

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