AI drives right through

There should be a way to disable cosmetic damage. The drivatars drive like I’m not there and by the time I brake for the first turn, my car looks generically distorted(chase view). In fact, I can barely finish a race any longer. I don’t know what it is, but this game feels broken. Not as bad as the NASCAR update, but still seems as though anything near S class handles like a tank and even racing tires don’t have much effect. No sweet spot in braking either. I just can’t stand this game lately. There’s something wrong with some of the coding, has to be.

What cars in S and above are you driving? Some have amazing turn-in ability, while some do handle like you’re describing and require to be babied around corners. Also, do you use ABS? If so learning how to drive with it off will help with your braking consistancy a lot. Just trust me on this. If you don’t use it but still have trouble, turning vibration on helps me judge how far i should press down on the fly. Otherwise, you’re probably just going to have to bunker down and practice. The issues you’re describing seem to come more from your ability than from the game itself.