AI difficulty

I don’t know if this is just me but on this game to AI seems to change a lot race to race. I’m finding sometimes I can get through the pack easily and win by a massive margin and other times I cannot even catch up to first place (usually within 1000ft). Anyone else getting results like this?

I can win races on the next difficulty up as well so its not like I’m not good enough at the game if i can win races against what should be harder opponents.

its your cars tunes. what is a winning tune on one track will be last place one another track. you need to race with tunes for that specific track. also your driving style. if you are running off track, bumping walls, etc…anything that slows you down acceleration is better for you than top speed because you’ll never get up to top speed, never use it but you will use the acceleration to get back up to speed every time you are slowed. get a tune you can handle well, and try not to press or over drive most races are won by the guy with the fastest slow lap not the fastest fast lap. the fastest fast lap usually drives right on the edge and crosses over it wipeing out. they lose more time on their slow laps than they gained on their fast lap.

if you dont do your own tuning load different tunes until you find one for that track. then use that car and tune for that track. a tune might work good for more than one track but it is not going to win at every track. the tracks groups that a tune works well for are usually consistent so you can think of those tracks as a group or type. the opposite will also be true. a 1st pace tune at prauge for me was last place at top gear. the tune for that track type is why it can still win at the same track on higher difficulty but not win at a different track even on the same difficulty. there is no ultimate tune that will win on every track.

search tune for the car by track. try a few tunes, and just because it has 5 starts does not mean its going to be good for racing. if its a drag or drift tune you can screwed in every corner. run them a few laps and if you cant win or dont feel in control load another tune until you find one that fits you, then all you have to remember what car to use for that car class and track. if you were paying attention, the ai seemed to go into beast mode every time on the same tracks, their car is better tuned for that track. your car is tuned better for the tracks you win on. get better tunes/cars for the tracks you cant win on. and remember 1 really fast lap isn’t enough, fastest lap average wins the race, not fastest fast lap. get a fast tune that you are 100% in control of the car, not one thats an adrenalin rush because you are driving right on the edge of losing it.

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It’s the power of the CLOUD! Everyone’s drivatars are always being analyzed real time for improvement so that they are more challenging. I have mines set to lower aggression and in Highly Skilled Driver it’s still a challenge to me. At first I though I was a Pro in Career Mode, but then I quickly learned I’m a Highly Skilled in Career. In Free play I beat the Pros and Experts easily, which is telling me that the game is more centered on it’s AI focus in Career Mode!! The way I see it is OK, because it just makes me a better driver, because " if at first you fail, try and try again"

anyones friends drivatars are not bound by the dravatar difficulty.

I am beginning to wonder about the drivatars - I’ve seen some players in my games who don’t own Forza 6. Are these from those who may have played the demo, or from previous versions of Forza Motorsport or Horizon (or demos)?

Some of them are kicking my butt too - maybe I should stop playing :wink:

I haven’t tried any tunes yet but I guess I could it just means swapping them out a lot though going on a track by track basis. Usually I’m picking for their set list of cars and having an auto upgrade if it recommends rather than doing it myself as I’m playing the game to enjoy the racing however thanks for the tip I will give it a try.

auto upgrade just adds the parts to your car and always prefers power over handeling. pi also ignores tuneing. a good tune instals adjustabe parts then adjusts those parts so the car is much easier to drive. easierr to drive = corner much better. cornering much better means you can go thru the corner better, which lets you go thru faster, anf then you carry that extra speed all tthe way down the next straight. auto upgrade does not change your gearing and gearing is very important. on a track with alot of sharp turn you will need acceleration more than top speed because you are never going to hit top speed anyway, you might not even get into top gear. a great tune is more than just adding parts, it adjusts the parts you add to maxamise their efficieny.