Does FH3 use realistic aerodynamics for vehicles? If so, would raising the rear ride height of the car, giving it a n aggressive profile, increase rear downforce without putting a rear fin on?

Awesome responses from a great community! Really appreciate the lack of help! Absolutely astonoshing!

It doesn’t add downforce but can be used to make the weight transfer differently to possibly add more grip, the physics in this game aren’t 100% realistic and there are other gray areas like this one, and also it’s spelled “Astonishing”.


Thank you for the info & I was on a bus when I wrote that.

Maybe you should have asked in the tuners lounge

Or just tried it out for yourself

Game is almost 18 months old now and most have moved on to fm7

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Not like I haven’t asked this on threads before. Also aren’t still hundreds of LFG posts per day for FH3 regardless of what people are “moving on to.” or anything.

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