Advanced Wheel Settings - Help

I’ve been searching the internet and testing different settings myself, but I just cant seem to get the settings to feel right. Im trying to get my wheel (Logitech g29) to feel as real as possible.
Can anyone share their wheel settings that feel good for them?

I can post my settings but I’m not convinced they are for everyone, also with the caveat that I use a combination of settings from the old Logitech Profiler Software and in game settings.
I have also adjusted the springs on my pedals manually to have better control when accelerating/braking and the pedal board is raised to an angle of 45 degrees. My wheel is a G29 but in the old style Profiler it’s recognized as a G27, so again quite individual to me.

Ideally you’d probably want different settings for different road surfaces, have long given up with tinkering on that front.

In Game settings I have changed:
Vibration Scale 20
FFB Scale 38
Centre Spring 100
Damper Scale 30

Logitech Profiler settings ( general device settings )
Overall Effects 110%
Spring Effects 70%
Damper Effects 43%
Degrees Rotation 600
allow game to interact with settings ticked

Last note, I drive on Simulation steering, all assists off