ADVAN Honda CR-X [Updated]

Not done this for a while, here’s something I made up so I didn’t have to race a blank car. It’s shared as ‘ADVAN’ with the tags ‘Throwback’ and ‘Racing’ I believe, as per usual, it’s rated 1 star.

If you think it looks awful go ahead and say it providing you tell me how to make it better :-p

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That looks great! Im running Advan on a couple other cars, I wonder if they are yours. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, I’ve only made this one though so they can’t be mine, I might make a few more though.

Looks quite nice mate, great job on the Advan logo and the design fits the car. Clean and retro, just my style!

That’s exactly what I was going for so I’m happy with that!

A few of my own personal notes are:

  1. I’m not sure the KYB logo is period but i’m finding it difficult to find out more, i’m starting to think it should be ‘kayaba’ in full as their website states the KYB alias was only adopted in 2005.

  2. The bride logo, I’ve not seen bride with any other logos aside from slightly modified on various cars but it looks a bit too ‘modern’ so I might switch it out for something else.

  3. The rear quarter looks like something should be there but every time I added anything I was unhappy with the result, I tried a Honda logo but it just looked a bit strange.

Thoughts on any of these 3 would be useful, I’d really like to make some more retro 80’s japanese logo’s so if anyone knows of some let me know please.

Looks great! I also like the Advan liveries :slight_smile:

I think the Kyb logo is pretty time appropriate, at least the logo is used on some of the early -90 Gr.A cars, mostly Skylines. As for other logos; Rays, SSR wheels, Castrol, NGK, Honda Primo, Showa (suspension) and Mugen was fairly used in the Gr.A era :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve just found this picture, the 310 was late 70’s early 80’s so the KYB logo is period, thanks all the same :slight_smile:

I like that Yokohama logo on the front bumper too so I might see if I can incorporate that anywhere. NGK seems to be a bit of a slam dunk too. I’ll have a look at the SSR, Castrol, Primo and Showa logos and see what I think of them on the car, I’m a bit wary of it looking a bit too much like I’ve just ripped the livery from the R32 though as that’s not what I was going for. I tried Mugen too and oddly wasn’t a fan either despite the cars origins and the various Mugen badges around the car (maybe those alone are good enough?)

I’d really like some more ‘obscure’ japanese brands that aren’t used as commonly too, like I found this picture but I have no idea what the two logos next to Wakos say, one says ‘IDI’ I’m sure but I couldn’t find anything when I googled it :frowning:

I also checked the BRIDE logo, the company was formed in '81 and the logo in '83 so I’m clear on that one too.

I’m trying to go for a bit of a period correct (early-mid 80’s) Japanese national championship racer look, I think I’m close but what do you all think?


Just found another picture showing the IDI logo, it appears to say ‘IDI Motorsports’?

Good find! I agree with the logos, I hope you find what you are looking for. My comfort zone usually is from 1990 and on wards lol!
Pity finding good pics pre 1980 is pretty hard with the exception of pics from historic events and such. I usually end up on Japanese sites despite the language barrier lol

Btw, here is a closer pic of the IDI Motorsports logo on a Super Taikyu Evo :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the picture, it’s helped out a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve done more on the car but will probably have to wait until tomorrow to get some more pictures up, the basic concept is still the same but I’ve tried to add some more logo’s in various places, kind of annoying to spend two nights on a logo only to shrink it down to a size where most of the detail is lost! At least I have a super high res version to use in the future though.


So I’ve added a few more logo’s and resized the Bride logo slightly, The first logo I added was Tamiya because I feel it fits well with the car and also because:

I added NGK and SSR as I’d found them to be prevalent on many other Japanese race cars of the 80’s/90’s and Advan sponsored cars of the same era.

Also added were IDI because I’d not heard of the company before and found the logo interesting, likewise the japanese writing (I actually have no idea what it says so if it’s something silly let me know!) the source of which is here:

Anyhow, the updated version is below and back on the sharefront:

I’m also a bit undecided on wheels and wheel colour, I felt the RGII’s were too modern so I’ve switched to the 5 spoke Fikse’s as they look similar to the Group A skyline wheels of the early 90’s.

As always, let me know what you like/don’t like about it! :slight_smile:

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Looks much better now. And really clean logo work :slight_smile:

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I like it alot! When I get the car I will download it for sure :slight_smile:

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Those white wheels, Eeeeee, they just make it for me, I have a spare Mugen thanks to the free DLC set up, I think I’ve found a paint!

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Really looking nice and that logo work is spot on. Great job mate!

Thanks guys!

I’ve had a few more looks at this and I can’t think of anything else to change now unless anyone has any ideas?

So I’ve uploaded the final version to the storefront now, Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile:

ive gotta agree with skyline0123 those white wheels really do make it look awesome