Added VIP, didn't get anything.

I added the VIP add-on to my account close to a month ago, and still haven’t received any of the rewards. No cars, no tokens. All that happened was that I got the in-game email telling me that I was now VIP. I don’t get the bonus XP either. I sent an email to Turn10, and all that I get back is a reply saying that they don’t answer the emails, with additional links that send me nowhere that can help with the problem. Is anyone else still having problems with the VIP, and if so, where do I go for help getting it fixed?

My cars finally showed up in the store (you have to buy them still from the in game store with in game CR just in case you are expecting them to be in your garage like many were) and have my crown (getting 70k each time I lvl up). Make sure when you bought it that it actually installed. I found mine sitting in the market place waiting to be installed for some reason (even though I had done this already) so maybe it just needs to be reinstalled.

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Does the VIP pack add-on description mention tokens?

If the pack was successfully installed you should see two things right away:

  1. The VIP cars, such as the Bugatti, are available in the Career> Cars> Buy Cars list, and in the Free Play> Select Car> Rent Car list.
  2. A crown icon is shown next to your gamertag in leaderboards.

Are they there?
If neither are there or you attempt to use a VIP or VIP Rivals and are prompted to buy the VIP pack, go to the dashboard, press the controller pause button over the game and select Show Add-ons (or go there via the Store on the dashboard) and select Install if it does not show Installed. Then restart your game and check again. In some cases completely unplugging your console for a few minutes and then restarting will trigger full recognition of your profile and installs. If you’re still missing the cars and crown, send your details to and wait for them to investigate and come up with a fix.

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I have the in-game email showing that I am now VIP. I will have to double-check on the crown, but I do get 70k when I level up. I made sure that it was installed, so that’s not the problem. Does it not say anything in-game about the bonus XP when you race, or does it just happen unknowingly? The biggest thing is that I haven’t gotten any car tokens. Not that I tend to use them, but it’s the principle of it being what I paid for.

Non VIP get 35k ,VIP get 70K. If you’re getting the 70K then you’re getting 2x XP bonus each time you lvl up and no there is no 2x XP message etc…

But the question is, were you supposed to get tokens? Does it say that in the pack description in the Store?

Can someone please transcribe the text or post a pic of the VIP description so I can add it to the DLC thread? I bought the LE so I only have the “Bonus Content” description.

Limited Edition buyers were supposed to get tokens, but that package came with more than just the VIP cars and benefits.

So let that be confirmation that the Token Accelerator Pack was only included with the Limited Edition, not the online VIP purchase.

Well I guess that explains it. Thanks everybody. Have a great day!

Anyone know if I will ever get my vip content that should’ve come with the dlc that I had to pay for?
Bought so that I could have vip stuff and I still haven’t got it. Wondering if it’s a rip off.
Been over a month now.
Would’ve thought that it should be withdrawn from sale until it’s sorted as it is a known problem and has not been dealt with yet.

The VIP content works as intended so why would it be removed?
What exactly do you think you are missing?

bought it first day…received everything i should have

why would they withdraw it when it only affects a minority

most cars still have to bought in game…only a couple go straight into your garage

as funky dunk said a bit more info may help.

also go to the store and make sure the vip says installed

I hear what your saying but all I received was the emblem after my name. No cars, no accelerator pack etc. I’m only asking what can be done about it. If it was goods from a shop you would be asking for your money back if something didn’t work as it was supposed to.

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Says installed & I can’t install again I’ve tried

how much xp are you getting when leveling up?

have you checked if the cars are available to purchase in game? as they are not just in your garage you have to buy them with ingame credits

VIP purchase as an add-on does not provide tokens. The Token Accelerator Pack was only included with the Limited Edition package.

This subject is covered in full in the following thread:

Please read through it fully and add to it if you have any additional details.

I’ve been off my Forza 5 and this forum for a month and I still don’t see any of my VIP perks.

Am I even going to get them?

According to your posts on the legacy forums you have the Limited Edition. Do your dashboard Add-ons for FM5 show the “Bonus Content” DLC? Does it say “Installed”?