Add back clothing options from FH4

I can guess many people could care less about character customization but surely we all agree the clothing customizations at present in FH5 are very miminal in comparison to FH4.

I would like to customize my char to make him look the same in FH4 but instead I can only create a char looks like a Mexican wrestler, or a cross dresser, or half robotic man or a female wearing the same dress…

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I agree. I miss classic viewed shirts and jackets. I love my FH4 character with a bowler type head wear.

It is strange that so many options are missing. I can only assume they intend to add them later as items you can win?

Or they’ll add them as (paid) DLC. Or bundle them with car dlcs. Who knows. I also dislike that my character looks rather plain now compared to my fancy alter ego in FH4.

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I’m just looking at the T-shirt colours now: black, white, cream, grey, all drab and plain. So strange when FH4 was full of vibrant colours and imaginative designs (relatively speaking).

I’m not saying this is my prime consideration, but why not just copy all the other stuff over? Not like it was licensed I assume. Weird.

This feels especially disappointing when you win a T-Shirt in a wheelspin. “Haven’t I got that before? Looks the same.”

I think there are a bunch in the game already that just don’t show up until they get unlocked. And they’re probably planning on adding more later as prize unlocks or whatever.

You think or you know? I thought you can see all including locked items and how to unlock them. So unfortunately I think you’re wrong. Please prove me wrong though

I could be wrong, I don’t know. It’s happened before. And I’m at work for another couple hours yet. I know there are some things that are locked, and some things available for purchase if you really want them. And a few things I don’t distinctly remember seeing in the menu before I unlocked them, like the aviator outfit you get from one of the excursions. (Wilds, I think?) The one down by the abandoned airport. Mostly, I’ve just unlocked hats and jackets so far. Try looking through the accolades for a gift item you haven’t unlocked yet, or something that’s up for a seasonal that you haven’t claimed yet, then go to character customization, and see if it shows up as locked.

Characer customization should be completely eliminated, and all those awful human models removed. ITs completely ridiculous and laughable that in 2021 we have such lousy and ugly human models in a videogame.

I was thinking the same thing when I started FH5 and saw how few clothing options they had when compared to FH4. A few days ago, I counted how many clothing items each game had included, and here is what I found…

Tops - FH4 (172) vs FH5 (15) *why are all of the FH5 tops some variety of “dirt” colors?
Jackets - FH4 (81) vs FH5 (61) *note that FH5’s “jackets” category includes a few tops, not sure why they did this.
Legs FH4 (92) vs FH5 (68)
Feet FH4 (96) vs FH5 (51)
Hats FH4 (120) vs FH5 (31)
Eyes FH4 (18) vs FH5 (12)
Wrist FH4 (10) vs FH5 (12)
Hands FH4 (18) vs FH5 (1)
Outfits FH4 (28) vs FH5 (17)

It is pretty obvious that FH4 has FAR more clothing options than FH5, despite the claims of more character customization options in the new game. At least FH5 gave us two new clothing categories…socks and dresses, but even those don’t really have half the options (especially colors) that they could have easily included. I guess PG’s idea of more options are those ridiculous facemasks…I’m pretty sure that covid isn’t contagious between drivatars. :confused:

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