Add a text-based chat, pls!

Can’t help but wonder why FH4 and FH5 have no normal chat to be able to talk to the other players. Having 4 customizable chat functions is very far from enough. I for one don’t like voice chat, mostly for the reason it doesn’t filter echo and other bad noises, not to mention no individual volume control and that’s why I prefer the traditional chat.
I know there will be some who would use the chat to insult players but that’s easily correctable: by enabling a filter for bad words in game options and an “ignore player” option in the chat itself.
Every single online game I’ve ever played (racing or otherwise) has a normal text-based chat, so I really don’t understand why FH’s don’t have any.

No, thank you.

I’m glad I don’t have to be subjected to the stupidity that would no doubt be the in game chat in a game with most children playing it… what could possibly go wrong?

(I mean, this forum alone should be enough reason to never do this… LOL. )