'Adaptability' Race Will Not Load (XBOX1)

Hi, I just bought Forza 7 on Xbox One. I’m nearly finished the introduction to the Forza Driver’s Cup. After the cutscene in relation to adaptability, I will enter a loading screen, and stay there. Nothing loads. This is particularly frustrating as I can’t progress in the campaign. I have plugged out my Xbox from the back and restarted, to no avail. Any help?

Bumping this, tried a hard reset, currently reinstalling the game. Am I missing something?

I have the same problem - downloaded the game and played the first race in the Forza Driver’s Cup (Porsche at Dubai) without issue.

After playing intro video for second race (Trucks at Mugello) game sticks on the blank screen with a spinning “loading” cursor and never enters the race.

Resetting and reloading game lets me choose activity from the menu. Main single player campaign (Forza Driving Cup) always fails as above. Attempting a free race fails at the “loading” part on the menu screen. Attempting multiplayer worked - I got into a race at Maple Valley which ran fine.

Have an Xbox One (Day One Edition) running preview Dashboard OS.
Game is installed on external USB3 HDD (as all my games are)

Will need to get this fixed - product is currently broken in the above state.

The above is the situation as of Weds 4th October, 2017.

Same exact thing is happening to me

I’ve resolved the above issue for myself by completely uninstalling both the game and the deluxe edition bit then re-installing completely.

It’s not a great option - downloading the full game takes in excess of 20 hours where I live because there’s no fibre internet in this area, just basic ADSL2.

However, if you bite the bullet and do a reinstall, it may fix the problem for you others with the same trouble. (Or it may not. software is complicated and fickle!)