Actual download size

Hi, I buy this game in the microsoft store the standard edition and said that the game weighs 64GB and is already over 70GB, how much does the download actually weigh?

Good question.

I’m currently downloading Forza Horizon 4 standard edition. I only have a 2.1Mbit download speed and It’s taken nearly 4 days to get to 64.59GB and it hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve read elsewhere on the internet that some determind people have reached up to 90GB and it’s still not installed and it’s still downloading. I’m glad I haven’t actually bought it outrught. I got the xbox pass 1 month for £1 offer.

If you ever get to the point where it actually installs I’d be interested to hear back from you.


Download progress

I bought it today, started the download like 7 hours ago and and it’s still installing.

96.2 GB right now, progress bar is around 60%.


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Mine just finished installing.

Before you start downloading again go and check out the fix I posted near the end of this post. It’s a different way to fix windows store.

I also HATE not being able to get notifications when people reply to topics I’m following.

Progress bar is at 76% now, download size is 106.4 GB. And growing. Calculating with these numbers, I’ll have to download 140 GB. Let’s wait.

Terminate / reset the store in the settings menu didn’t work for me.

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You probably did… but did you restart your PC after terminate/reset. I think after I pressed reset the Store opened immediately. I closed it as fast as I could snd then restarted.

I’m going offline now. Will try and remember to check back here tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Arrrgggh! Total bummer. Sorry it didn’t work for you. I hope it sorts itself out for you soon. Really annoying.

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A few minutes after my last post the download was completed. Size of the displayed download was ~112 GB at this time. Progress bar went from 80% to “Done!” in a second. Fun fact: gaming HDD had 220 GB of free space before installation, 155 GB are left after it was completed.

So the installation size of FH4 is actually 65 GB (as mentioned in other threads) and I have no idea what the client has done all the time.

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Awesome! Glad it worked in the end. :slight_smile: