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don’t know how you made out with your recruiting, but if you can use some help with cars or credits (or maybe finished prize cars for competitions), let me know…
I’m coming to the end of my career with XBox and I have many assets to share in either FM3 or FM4…
I’ve been putting up cars for auction w/o regard to profit for months now…
hate to see this stuff go to waste…
have dozens of good tunes in nearly all classes of circuit racing, plus many good dragstrip assets (no drift cars)

If you guys still play Motorsport 5 ( its the only one i have. ) im somewhat decent i have a variety of cars ranging from d all the way to p but most cars i use are

Mazda Rx7
Toyota AE86
Suburu STI ( 90’s )
Mitsubishi Lancer evo
and a Volkswagen beetle that i made into a S class if your intrested my gamertag is GamSta79