activation error workaround

I have the activation error and found a workaround for me.
Please give it a try, and post youre experiences here.

  1. It will not work with any firewall installed, exept the Windows build in firewall.
  2. You have to reset the Windows firewall (most times 2x I don´t now why but it is important). The bad thing is that you will lost all firewall settings and you have to do this after every new boot of your computer.
  3. Important: deactivation of the whole windows firewall does not work!
  4. Try the game. For me it works since 1 week; tried it every day. But don´t forget: You have to do it every time when the game don’t start.

I tried to figure out which settings in the Firewall are the bad ones, but i can´t find it. Perhaps has anyone more time and success and post it here.

I hope it´s helpfull and sorry for my english, I’am not a native english speaker.


P.S.: you can reset the firewall at: Windows security → Firewall and networksettings → restore standard for firewall (at the bottom)
(As I use the german win10, i tried to translate it. So the menues you have to go could have a little different names. Sorry for that)

Thank you for your suggestion, I really hope that this might help some people.

But unfortunately, it does not seem to work for me. I have tried to get the game to run now several times using this method and i had no luck.

Hi Galford24,
Are you sure you have the “activation error”?
you can see it in: windows event viewer-> windows logs → application (I have german Win, so my translation may differ)
Then look in the middle little window
Mark the red exclamation mark
now you should see in the window right below in the last line: crashtype:activation (don’t now if crashtype is the right translation), but if the last word is not activation, then you have another error.

I hope this helps.