Achievment Hunt in Leugae Races

I would like to do the league race achievments, but I can not do it alone.
Now I wanted to ask if anyone could help me?

In the league race I have the following rank: Elite

I don’t think I have the same rank as you, but I suggest checking the time it opens and attempt to doing it just after it opens.

Try for the first 20 minutes and you will find someone of the same rank.

I’m beginner, can someone help me,? From U.K

I just started playing since yesterday. Drop me a message, we can help each other :slight_smile:

I have never managed to get into a league race. Only once has it ever let me into a lobby - and there was only one other person in it.

They just left the last set of leagues open for some reason. Mostly forgotten although it was better implemented in 6.

Is it even possible to find a league race? I tried going in at 1pm, when the league had just opened at 1pm. Tried for ages. Nothing.

Now I can’t speak for the standard game league achievements because I’ve had it since launch and a lot of people were playing leagues back then. But I bought all the dlc just before the game was delisted and I have to say the NASCAR league achievement was a real pain to get! I finally got it at the end of March, it took me about 7 months of trying! I think the best chance of getting a lobby is within the first 2 hours of the league opening. I’ve only ever seen one other player in the DLC leagues since it was delisted and it doesn’t help that they haven’t changed the leagues since 2016. I also believe the division you are in plays a huge factor. I’m in Pinnacle which, in certain leagues, usually has the least amount of players. The NASCAR Pinnacle league, which is over three years old, only has 37 players on the leaderboard which really doesn’t help! I think the region you are playing in might have a factor as I’m not sure if it’s area specific i.e. if you are EU region I think it would only match you with players only from the same region as you but I’m not 100% sure about that. It is definitely possible to find a league race, it’s such a pain that you have to keep trying, I hope you get it! crosses fingers

I’m looking for some help getting into a league so I can get my achievements. I’m somehow in Elite, yet I’ve never played leagues yet. So please, if anyone can help just PM me. Or add me on Xbox. GT: Junyer Thank you!