Achievements problem

Hi guys,
I’ve unlock some achievements for FM6, but in the Rewards area I have 0 Achievements Gamescore! Why they don’t add my points?

I know I’ve seen another thread on this before. I’m having issues too though. I’m showing like 43 tier points from achievements with a gamer score for the game of like 300 now. I’m not that annoyed with it yet as even with those points I wouldn’t be Tier 9. But I’m getting pretty close to Tier 9 and will certainly be annoyed when this not updating is what is keeping me from getting the additional rewards credits.

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If you are looking at Rewards, and it certainly seems you are, those can sometimes take up to a couple of days to update. I’ve noticed they’ve not updated at all for me over the weekend though I’m well into Tier 9 at this point and not at all worried. Be patient, they’ll get caught up soon enough.

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I really hope that in next days it will be okay about this problem. Thanks guys.

My activity over the weekend isn’t showing up either, but I’m not concerned. I’m sure we’ll all see our FM6 Reward Points shoot up in the next day or so.

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I went from tier 6 to 7 over a week ago and I’m not being offered the 2014 Ferrari #62 Risi.

Edit: just read we are offered the tier reward cars prior to starting the game for the first time.

Im sure they will be added accordingly, after another 24 to 48 hours then I would report it, asking what is going on with youre reward points.

No offense but for some people the Rewards are a week behind. My gamerscore was 305 Sunday a week ago; I am already up to 840. My driver-level is currently 104 and still showing 67.

The Rewards system has to process stats for over seven million people across eight titles each, so I’d guess it’s more a cyclical batch than a continuous scan - it’ll catch up eventually :slight_smile: