Achievements not unlocking?

I’ve been having an issue where the achievements on this game don’t unlock. Some of them have but others do not. For instance, I have found every beauty spot and barn find in the game but yet the achievement says I’m around 80% for both of them. The in-game stats are reporting correctly but no the achievements. This is an issue because the Forzathon unlocks are tied to the achievements instead of the in-game stats. I have done all the requirements for the Forzathon achievements and they have not “popped” meaning that I can’t get the rewards. Anyone have a fix for this? This is on W10/PC.

The forzathon challenges can only be done within the times specified in the challenge
That might be your issue…they also run on US time…not your local time

If you’ve done them then there should be no issue. Unfortunately it can take days (or weeks) for achievements to eventually get awarded.

Same problem here also with beauty spot achievement, barn finds and upgrade all festivals.

I have done all PR stunts 3 stars and achievements on Xbox live still say 84%. I have all festivals at level 5 as well so all stunts are unlocked and showing on the map. What’s the deal?

I contacted Microsoft about this weeks ago and I was told it is a known issue game side and that Playground Games are working on a fix, was hoping it would be included with last weeks patch but it wasn’t, will just have to wait it out.

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Thanks for updating us Misslehead8. I was planning on restarting the game again but think i will wait if they are working on a fix.

I’m having the same issue with achievements not syncing. Bonus Boards and Bucket List are both fully complete but neither are at 100% in the achievements list.

Play Anywhere is USELESS if achievements aren’t working.

Everyone i know who has had issues have used the play anywhere functionality across both xbox one and PC. Did you all play across both platforms when you have the issues?

I wonder if it is that the PC version is not fully syncing progress to the cloud and therefore back to the xbox.

The sync process is working as intended as all your game data is being synced properly, all my stats etc remain in tact after a sync. Just that anyone who used the Play Anywhere near release have this problem, I am not sure the detailing but game data, but trophies simply don’t unlock.

Even more of a problem, upon contacting MS recently to get an update, as 20 days ago they said Playground Games knew about it, now no one seems to know what the issue is, or are not up to date on the game issue.

Will need to try and contact PG directly.

I spent 1.2 million on a Ferrari in the auto show and didn’t get the “spend 1 mil in the auto show” achievement either.

I had this issue 3 weeks ago and restarted the game due to it (for the 3rd time since launch) and managed to fix it. Now its happening again and the same fix doesn’t work. I’m only on Windows PC and haven’t played on Xbox One yet and I’m having the issue AGAIN. No way I’m restarting for the 4th time, not with 41 hours on this latest save. Too bad the developers (crooks) or support team won’t let us contact them directly. All you can do is rant here or tweet and Xbox support is no use because even just asking for a refund the day after launch, they said they couldn’t do it because too many people already had. Screw the devs…

i cant get any Achievement too how u all fix this problem pls let mu know

hi i got the 3 stars in a g wagon and i should goted the hercon he.

What ???
If you are trying to do a forzathon event you can ONLY do them while they are active

On Xbox I started the game with a very unstable internet connection, so was playing the game offline quite a lot.
None of the achievements registered as I upgraded festival sites. When I had completed the championships and exhibitions I found I was at around 60-70% of the achievements.
Now no matter how many I try to play again, and win of course, I cannot get the achievement.
I don’t know if this is the cause of other’s problems but it’s definitely mine.
I thought about restarting but that’s not so easy on the XBox. I’m playing again with a new name and everything pops up as expected.

Why is it not so easy on the xbox
You can delete your game save…just choose the from everywhere option
Only thing is you will lose everything you now have

It’s June 2018, Horizon 4 has just been announced and this bug isn’t fixed yet! No wonder why Xbox exclusives are not doing well…

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i met the same problems, even i tried the DLC parts, still some achievements can not be unlocked. all the data in game shows i have completed those achievements.

chatted with MS answer tech, he/she just told me the issue is reported, and chat record number is 1431163895.

do you know what i want most right now? if this bug can not be fixed, pls deleting my memory about the achievements of game. i dont want the fragmentary list.

Played FH3 doing some races. Three days later I’m driving down the highway, my phone goes off, I’d completed challenge about start at every race location.

This has happened a couple of times. Sometimes it just takes time.