Achievement problems.

Hi guys , yet again another problem with this glitchy game, this time an achievement…

I’m coming to the last of the achievements now (community ones) and couple others one being " RARIFIED AIR " I’ve bought the first Ferrari to get the “spring break” achievement worked fine, just bought the second Ferrari to get the "RED AND BLEU achievement but no matter wether I go on to free play and try all 3 variations of Le Mans or go onto the race calendar for the Le Mans track it will not give me the achievement.

I’m just about to hit driver level 300 and only bought the VIP pass yesterday lol so have done it all without any aids and have put blood sweat and tears into this just for it to not give it too me.!!!

Anyone else had this problem.?

I haven’t yet tried the snake bit achievement as haven’t yet got enough money to by the Shelby but I’m now wondering if it’s gona do the same on there.??

Can’t stress enough to turn 10 on how shit a problem like this is.!! I’ve been so disappointed with the lack of tracks and the simplicity of the game, and something like an achievement is the least you expect to work.!

Any help/info would be much appreciated.

Just to be sure - the “Red and Bleu!” achievement is “Drive a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa on Le Mans Old Mulsanne Circuit” - you have the right Ferrari right? This was one of the earlier achievements I got, so personally it worked fine for me, and I think I did it in free play. Don’t have an awful lot to suggest - sorry!


FM5 Game FAQ: I’ve completed some Achievements and Titles but they are not unlocking.