Achievement problem on Blizard Mountian

I have completed the following on Blizzard Mountain

Mountain Mastery
Complete every Blizzard Mountain Championship.
Unlocked 16 days ago

Going Supernova
Get every possible star at Blizzard Mountain.
Unlocked 17 days ago

Everyday I’m Shovellin’
Complete all Blizzard Mountain Bucket Lists.
Unlocked 19 days ago

Hail to the King
Win the Kingmaker.
Unlocked 30 days ago

Gliding it Home
Win a King of the Mountain Race without Snow Tires.
Unlocked 30 days ago

Final Bout
Reach the final round of King of the Mountain.
Unlocked 24/12/2016

My progress page says I have 160/160 stars and yet my achievement for And Long May They Reign, Complete every single King of the Mountain Race is only at 96% because in my progress page it is telling me I have only done 25/26 Exhibition Races.

How can I have 160/160 stars when all the exhibition races are 3 stars and I have apparently not completed one of them.

Please can anyone help me or suggest what to do???

There is a progression bug in both BM and the main game.

I had this issue with the PR stunts in the main game, showing 5/16 for danger signs when I had completed them all. Getting 3 stars on one of them again fixed that.

Maybe redoing one of the easy races and getting 3 stars will get it to register.


It’s a bug Turn 10/Forza Motorsport/Playground Games are totally ignoring and not acknowledging this for some reason.

There are many posts and messages all over the forums and web about this issue yet they choose to ignore the dedicated players of the game, some have forked out over £100 and can’t complete it due to this fault.

It’s beyond me why this can’t be fixed yet they put a load of effort in to fixing broken forzathon awards. Surely an achievement that’s worth something and goes towards game completion is more important than a challenge that’s worth nothing.