Achievement help?

I’ve got two achievements left to get to the 1000 on this one.

  1. Sell a design/vinyl - I’ve put a generic vinyl group up with my gamertag as the description Svoboda1 - If someone would purchase this, I’d be more than happy to do the same for you so you can get the achievement as well.

  2. Co-op Challenges - Anyone interested in possibly setting up a group to knock some of these out? I’ve done a couple that only require two people (speed zone/trap ones) but would be willing to work on the rest with one or more people. I’m typically on in the late evenings (9pm and later EST)

Hey Svoboda1, I searched for your design and I see that someone has downloaded it. I’m hoping you or someone could download mine too :slight_smile:

It’s called “Orange Juice”, but if you search by my username (Boompty Beats) you should find it easily. Cheers!

Yours has a couple downloads. Change the cost on it to 1000 Cr and I’ll go buy it to see if it unlocks for you as well.

I have a design out for the R35, so if anyone’s feeling generous today download that design of mine.

And I have been wondering if I could license transfer to get the Rally Expansion to complete the achievements, but I do not know if anyone has the expansion anymore. Let alone still play the original Horizon.

Also, in case the first download didn’t go through, I went ahead and downloaded your paintjob.

I purchased yours. Did that acheivement unlock for you?

Yes, I just collected my credits. Thanks, man!

I figured out the WiFi signal I get here isn’t strong enough to support Horizon 3 lobbies very long but I’ll see if I can connect to your game if you still need to finish the challenges.

I finished the multiplayer challenges last night. Had about 4-5 people join my lobby and we knocked out 3-4 of the Night Out achievements.

All I need now is someone to purchase my design and hopefully that pops for the last one for me, too.

It looks like that doesn’t register anymore. I do see where it says it was downloaded but it didn’t unlock.

Guess the last one I can actually get is the 10 online free roam challenges. I’m actually on MP right now with a lobby open for the Ferrari Day Trip is anyone is interested. I’ll be online for the next 30 minutes or so – it’s 10:00pm EST right now.

When I read “Ferrari Day Trip”… mmm brings back fond memories from 2012. I’ll see if I can connect to your game. All I’ve done since I installed the game two weeks ago was drive all the roads, and smash all the signs, every PR stunt, and… virtually everything. I got kind of worried when I read about the EOL because Manteo quoted where it said “the game will no longer be updated” which I assumed that meant no multiplayer. Apparently not.

We just did 4-5 day trips and I hopped off.

I will be on tomorrow evening most likely to pick up the last two day trips and then start working on the night trips if anyone is interested. Most likely 9:30-10pm EST.

I’m on right now if anyone wants to jump on. I’ve got time to do 3-4 of the night out challenges. Going to do them in this order so make sure you own cars with good tunes. These are worth 200k each.

  1. Chevy
  2. Dodge
  3. Nissan
  4. VW

GT is Svoboda1. My mic is broken as well but we had no problem knocking them out the other night.

BTW, for those that join, make sure you understand the challenges.

You have to be at the start location at sunset. It will say “restrictions not met” until it is time to go. When it is time to go, it will say “in start location” and then switch to “in progress” when everyone is off.

I think my issue with my design is that it was set to 0 credits. I changed it to 1000 credits. Can someone give it a buy and see if that unlocks?

i just purchased your design hopefully that will help. if you could purchase the vinyl i uploaded in return that would be awesome,


If you need help with the second one i also need some help with these add me on my username and we can bash some off these out mate

Always happy to find Forza Horizon friends, especially those keeping it real on the 360 or via BC on the Xbox One.

Gamertag: NorCalNavyMike, I play everything from Forza Motorsport 2-onward.