Accused of cheating to reach FH4 Level 6

NoxxyUK told me I must be cheating to reach my levels. I told him most of my racing is tuning and testing my cars and blueprint and are offline. I keep finding trees doing regular racing. I advised him of my standings in FH4 and FM7 and it is just a game. I have al 900 cars in FM7. I spend hours and hours racing on my blueprints and tuning and testing my cars. I didn’t reach level 10 here by accident. I only do online racing when I"m trying to get a certain car. The club i belong to is very forgiving for my terrible racing and they welcome me with open arms and understanding. Thanks RDTM for your patience and understanding. Everyone have lots of fun racing offline against yourself!!!

Who cares if someone thinks you’re cheating… If you’re not, you’re not and don’t have to prove anything to any one.


Who cares? Kids that think playing online is the only way to play. I have bigger fish to fry.

You level 6 as per the title or level 10 as per your post? My reading comprehension is weak here.

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I guess Tier 10 in the forums speaks for itself. I am up to level 8 in now in FH4 It makes no difference. If you don’t mind, they don’t matter. Just didn’t like being harassed.

Block them and move on
It’s not that hard is it

We can’t see your forum Tier, everyone appears as Tier 4 due to a forum bug.