Account suspended after game crash

So i am going to get straight into it

Today i startet my game on my computer (i5-6600K and a MSI GTX 1080ti) and as i checked my driveatar rewards and was going to do a couple of hoppers

When i tried to access multiplayer i recieved a message (i have attached an image)

I am sure it has to do with the fact that after a crash my game bugged/glitched out and left me with litreally max money

I have done about 5 minutes of research so i am not qualified at all to speak about this but as far as i can see i am not the only one to experience this issue.

i contacted Xbox support as i thought they might have something to do with this issue
here is the chat

Hi, thanks for visiting Xbox Support! I’m Jessica . 9:54 pm Jessica How are you today? 9:54 pm Me I am tired, but the thing i need help with is the fact that i got banned due to a bug/glitch in one of your games 9:55 pm Me The related game is Forza Motorsport 7, so i did a little research and found out that i am not the only one that got banned due to this issue 9:55 pm Me i found one similar case 9:55 pm Me Why have I been banned from the game?? - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums 9:55 pm Me Is there anyway to lift it? reset my save/ avatar or something, as i bought the Ultimate i have a big investment in this game 9:57 pm Jessica I’m sorry to hear about that, thank you for the information. Allow me to check it on my end here what we can do about it, okay? 9:57 pm Me Thank you :slight_smile: yes please 9:57 pm Jessica You’re most welome. 9:58 pm Jessica Before anything else, I just want to confirm . I am seeing the gamertag, Shadesolo . Is this the that account that we’re having concern with? 9:59 pm Me yes 9:59 pm Jessica Thank you for confirming, allow me to pull up your account first. 9:59 pm Jessica While waiting for the account to pull up, you can have a sip of refreshment. 9:59 pm Jessica Going back to your concern, may I know if you encountered any error message or error code with this concern? 10:06 pm Me no, but i have experienced several crashes, where i have been loading in to a race, or just finished and looking at the rewards screen, when the game have hard crashed. No error message, nothing just the app closes 10:07 pm Jessica Yes, totally hear you on this Vegard, um… It makes me very concern also because if this does indeed an In-Game Suspension, we from Xbox Technical Supports does not have any powers here to make adjustments because we do not hold exclusive rights on making adjustments on account’s Status. What I can provide you right now is complimentary support, you see, for this kind of situation I firmly believe that the best option for us here is to bring this up to their designated support by posting it on the Forums since they have the right tools on this and specialize for this kind of In-Game Issues. 10:10 pm Me ok, i guess the only thing to do is to post it at the forum. Sorry for your inconvenience 10:11 pm Jessica That’s great, post everything on the forum and provide all the details, no worries they are going to review your post and take action. 10:12 pm Jessica Thanks you and it’s been pleasure assisting your today. 10:12 pm Me Thank you for all your help, have a great day 10:13 pm

PS: Sorry about the format

I ragequit a couple of days ago when i was playing and i had just completed a race of 30 laps around Hockenheim and i was looking at the rewards screen when the game hard crashed without any error message. The next day i logged on i saw that i had 999 999 999cr. And i know i should report it to someone here on the forum. But, i am not playing Forza to gain money, but to do stupid car builds so i thought, hey, play with the cards you’ve been dealt.

Now i was hoping to get help with my issue.

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As far as i have found out, there is a couple of these instances.

Also, as far as i have been able to find out, most of the times when this happens it is on the rewards screen.
This is really annoying, the game is unstable and constantly crashes. what am i supposed to do when this happens, as far as i can see there is no savegame where i can delete it before i get banned

I saw one who said he stopped playing and reported it here, he still got banned. So this is really annoying.

but for now i am waiting for a response from someone official

Have a nice day

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