Account seems banned but

So I logged in the other day and I noticed that I can’t access ANY online features in game! I have 2 cars in my gift inbox that give me an error when I try to collect them. I can see vehicles in the auction house but I can NOT purchase them, I get an error there too. If I try to connect to any online session (race, drift, ect) It attempts to join then I get an error there too. I also can’t view or load ANY user uploaded liveries! This would appear to be a banned account right? BUT I have absolutely NO in game ban alerts and on the Why Am I Banned page it says there are NO problems with my account…Xbox or PC the problem persists every single day for about 2 weeks now…
So I tried making a new account on my PC and playing on that…I can play through the initial starting races (up to the photograph the statue mission) then as soon as I can freely drive around and do as I please…ALL the errors start happening again! AM I HARDWARE ID BANNED?! This happens to EVERY SINGLE account I create on my PC now!!! If I was HWID banned or just banned in general wouldn’t I receive a message stating why I was banned and receive in game ban alerts?! I’m so confused!

Has anyone else ever had this happen? If so…did you ever find a fix!?
Someone please help! This was an expensive game to not be able to properly play anymore!


can you play other online games without a problem ?

Do you use a 3rd party anti-virus/internet security program? Things like Avast, Norton, kaspersky etc? If you do, try disabling it…this game is very temperamental and Security programs can cause it issues. Windows has Defender and Firewall so you are still covered.

Also, if you run gaming software like Razer Cortex or gaming overlays, try disabling them too.

Are you running through a VPN? Online mode would not connect in FH4 if I had the corporate VPN enabled. I have not tried FH5, but it is likely the same.