Accolades - Help


I’m working through some lists of accolades, and found some that didn’t work/unlock.

I will post them here, and update the list as soon as i find more…

Street racing
Shaken, Not Stirred
1977 Aston martin v8 vantage is not in the game

Hoonigan Ford Bronco is not in the game

Drift zones

Artful dodger
Not registering, i am in the right car (#43 dodge viper) and scored 221.875 pts
Tried several chains above 200.000, they all failed to complete the accolade.

To be continued (or not, hopefully the rest unlocks haha)


Game data hasn’t saved, lost around 20k accolades, was wondering if anyone has a fix for this?

I have read the support pages which states to clear local data but this hasn’t solved the issue (xbox one).

I don’t really use YouTube, but I’ve uploaded a video just in case someone could help/has had the same issue and can offer a possible solution?

I know it's only 20k accolades but they took a while to bank and now I'm worried my game is corrupted/I'll lose everything if I start repeating them.

Thanks for any help/suggestions

If Support articles don’t provide a solution and it’s not listed in the Known Issues, follow the instructions in the PLEASE READ thread pinned above to Submit a Ticket.