Accolades are buggy as hell

So far,have run into 5 accolades that won’t unlock when achieved.Latest one being the road race accolade "win a road race in a 2018 Aston Martin Vantage"Pretty hard when the car doesn’t exist,so I tried the 2019 Vantage and that unlocked it.Lol,whoever’s in charge of accolades needs to be fired


Yeah the one with the Warthog where you have to drop 250,000 skill points won’t unlock / register that you did it.

Edit: Just done it. This time I did it with a skill song and accumulated 500,000 points before crashing into a wall and dropping the points.

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I am hunting accolades at the moment and can list the one’s that are buggy in my experience:

I have had several (10+) accolades under “Skills” that I’ve had to do twice.

The “Bucky” accolade under “Skills” is not possible because there is no '74 Hoonigan Bronco

“Odin’s Pride” says unlock the entire tree of the 2021 Aston Martin Valhalla, but there is only a 2019 Valhalla. THANKFULLY unlocking that entire tree ticked it off.

“Prophet of Regret” won’t unlock unless you break a 250k skill chain while in a skill song (as pointed out above). It also might have to do with having the unlock that prevents a combo break early.

“Taking the High Road” under “Festivals” says to start at the “Los Jardinas” houses…Spent 30 minutes looking for the “houses” and have no clue. how or where to trigger the start of it.

I haven’t attempted all of them, but I’ve had at least 5 “Stunts” accolades for driving specific cars not unlock, including “Supercharged Stunts,” “Travel Light,” Drift It Flick It Spin It," “Artful Dodger,” & Angel of Attack" (gave up after that).

There is a broken one under Los Lucha De Carreteras"

“Top Fun” under “Online” won’t unlock. Hell, half the time tthe bullseye round breaks and stops respawning.

Completing round 3 of horizon arcade in a certain time frame are all broken ("Double Time, “Five a Day,” “Marathon”) - I only know because I joined a boosting session for Arcade, otherwise you’ll never beat round 3 until they fix servers…

Still working on more accolades because I love ticking off everything, but damn is it getting frustrating to continue working on them.

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Agree with most of your findings there. This one I can sort of help with - the houses in question are on the little curved road directly south of the Los Jardines danger sign. However, I have found that all of the accolades for “get from A to B in X time” tend to reset back to being unticked, so I’ve stopped trying to re-do them until that is fixed.

Wow, thank you so much! I have spent over an hour looking for them and somehow never triggered them even driving past them 10 times.

Well if what you say is true, that’s going to suck bad because I’ve done them all in one sitting. Hoping they save.

I have completed all Horizon Arcade tasks from Accolades section, but it looks like 3 of them are broken:

Complete round 3 in 2 Horizon Arcade Events within 30 minutes
Complete round 3 in 5 Horizon Arcade Events within 24 hours
Complete round 3 in 10 Horizon Arcade Events within 5 hours

when I finish the 3rd round of the 1st event, the timer shows progress = 1, after 5 minutes I start the 2nd event, finish the 3rd round in the 2nd event, but the timer shows progress = 0 again.
2 events of 10 minutes and a break of 5 minutes, it turns out 25 minutes, this is definitely enough to complete 2 events in 30 minutes.

Also, I completed the 3rd round in 5 events in 24 hours and I managed to complete 10 events in 5 hours, but the timer never showed more than progress = 1, then it was = 0 again.

Here’s a video

You can’t change car, fast travel or take any breaks for it to count otherwise the counter will reset. I decided to grind out the ten while the arcade events are easy solo and got up to 9/10 before taking a break but even though I left the game online and plenty of time left (I did all 9 back to back) it reset back to 0/10 when I resumed. Really fed up of everything being broken in this game and wasting time getting nowhere only to find there’s yet another bug with it.

Edit - Even doing this back to back doesn’t seem to work, I’d done eight Horizon Arcades back to back and was waiting for the next one to start the accolade reset back to 0/10 so not wasting another three hours on this one.

There’s an accolade that requires you to use an Extreme Off Road vehicle which I couldn’t find anywhere but realised it means unlimited off road.

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At the end of the motorway there is the ramp. If you’re facing the ramp there are houses directly to the right. Just start driving up the road the houses are on, to start the accolade in question.

So far I have found several bugged ones, most have been covered here so far. Drift zone ones seem to be the biggest issue, attack the angle in the Subaru BRZ is one. And as for El Camino the statue at Ek Balam is the one that does not register, all the others do. Short cut in the return of the Monster ghost doesn’t work either. I’m sure there are plenty of others that don’t work.

Well, they still haven’t fixed the description but there was no mention of it in Known Issues so I figured, wth, kill two birds with one stone, do the daily 3 perks and this accolade. I should have known better… the daily worked (miracle of miracles on it’s own) but of course no accolade. Ticket submitted, for all the good that is likely to do.


The ‘Level Up’ under Discovery & Collections seems to be bugged, this is for smashing 200 XP boards. Mine is stuck on 199/200 despite getting the achievement for smashing all 250 (50 fast travel + 200 XP boards).

There’s one you’re still missing. The achievement triggered early for me as well, when I was only at 199/200 xp boards. There’s still a board out there for you to hit.

Are you sure? The other counter does say I have got 250 boards. See here at 1:12, just before I got the last one, it said I had ‘249 bonus boards’.

After I got the next board, I got the accolade for getting 250 boards. So either the XP boards accolade is bugged, OR there are 251 boards total. See at 1:39 it says I got 250.

According to my stats, I have smashed 251 boards! Did you do the Treasure Chest quest before smashing all the Boards? The Chest seems to be counted as a Bonus Board…I had collected all 250 prior to that and my stats said 250/250…next time I looked at my stats after hitting the Treasure Chest and it was displaying 251/250

Ah! I deleted the map I downloaded now, I had it open in Paint and was drawing a marker line through each one I had completed (does anyone else do that?). Well maybe I’ll come across it one day, I am more or less done with the game now I think, that accolade will have to remain incomplete for now if not forever!

Same here, accolades for 50 fast travel boards and 250 total boards have been triggered, yet I have 199/200XP boards.

Just before I hit the last board:
Just before the last board

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Might as well add to this list:

The Accolade for 200,000 on the Los Campos Drift Zone in the FD Viper doesn’t trigger.

Just learned the very hard way that “Blue Chip Investment” for buying a 10 million credit car on the auction house is bugged, and I can’t resell it that high because I’m not an advanced/pro tuner or whatever. Rip my credits T__T.

Jump 50ft at the La cruz danger in a 69 Camaro super sport doesn’t work either.
It shows as jump <50ft> when you pin it so it makes me think it’s a placeholder text. 50ft is incredibly short anyway.