Accidentally deleted my favourite car

On january 15th I was changing some of my marked as favourite cars and accidently removed my Sesto Elemento FE from my garage entirely instead of removing it from favourites. This car in particular is very important to me because a friend gave it to me through the auction house a few weeks ago and don’t want to loose the cars stats as I have used it more than any other car.
I tried reinstalling the game in order to load a cloud save like I once did in FH4 but because I bought FH5 over steam it synced via the steam cloud which already saved my progress after deleting the car.
So I started digging through the save files hoping to find some kind of backup. In the Steam userdata folder I stumbled upon a file named “User_901FDCA923682.ProfileData” with a size of 1.8mb which is way bigger than any other potentially useful file I found and to my luck there actually was one older version from january 14th available.
Then I replaced this older profiledata file with the new one but without luck. In the loading screen of the game I got the error message “The Forza Horizon profile you are trying to load is no longer available.” with the error code " E:10cf-f ". I repeated this process with a few more files which didn’t help either. With the current files it still works so I didn’t loose all of my progress.
With some more research I found out that the support team can restore the garage of an account after the progress has been lost so wondered if it is possible to somehow do this with older save files. Maybe someone has some helpful knowledge for this very stupid problem :smiley:

(Note: I of course submitted a ticket first but didn’t get a response yet - just like another rather unimportant ticket from a whole month ago)

Just for information: They might be able to restore a garage (not sure if they can actually do it) after a save has been lost…however, they don’t actually do that…when someone loses a save, they simply credit the player with credits and wheelspins to, hopefully, reacquire everything.

I would say the chances of them taking the time to restore one deleted car is, well, zero. You wouldn’t be the first to accidentally delete a car and won;t be the last

They have given garage contents back to people who have lost all their progress although I’m not sure what level fame, influence, or complaining it takes.

One accidentally deleted car though… No, there’s no way OP is getting that back. That’s a live & learn moment.

In this game it’s not the best idea to fiddle around with the savegame files…

Any development on this? I have the same problem but with 1963 beetle. Unfortunately it is accolade/story exclusive only so it is not available in auction house. At least sesto elemento fe can be acquired in a wheel spin